Mr. Handyman Believes Lasting Relationships Are Built on Trust

Think about a lasting relationship you know of. A marriage; lifetime friends; a business partnership or another relationship that’s stood the test of time. While these relationships are each unique in their own right, consider what they have in common: Trust. Trust is the grease that keeps the wheels of lasting relationships turning smoothly. Trust is also required to salvage relationships when things get bumpy.

Every day we take calls from prospective clients and hear stories that ultimately come back to broken trust. They called somebody and left a message, but they never received a response. They thought they had an appointment, but nobody showed up. They had work done that’s not to their standards, and they can’t get anybody to call them back after the check was cashed.

At Mr. Handyman we want to be your first call every time a need arises, so building trust is our top priority. Our need to build and maintain your trust has a lot to do with how we’ve approached this business. It’s why we do many things that others don’t do.

For example, we offer a live answer to all calls; so you should never speak to a machine. Our staff are employees, not subcontractors, giving us full control of their schedule. They arrive on-time, prepared to work, and that work is backed by our Done-right Guarantee. Our Home Service Professionals average 20+ years of professional experience and have been background checked and drug screened for your safety and satisfaction.

Every business makes claims about how great they are, but I encourage you to check us out online. We work very hard to earn and then keep the trust of every client we serve, and that’s reflected in the overwhelming majority of positive reviews online. In truth, we’re not perfect. You’ll find a small number of customers we didn’t please the first time out, and we’ve taken steps to address each of those situations. We stand behind our work and we believe that how a company handles their issues tells you a lot about the character of that company.

Carpentry, drywall, paint, tile and more, Mr. Handyman has the staff, skills and tools to handle your home improvement projects, maintenance and repair needs, and your commercial service needs.

Are you tired of messages left, but not returned? Have you been burned by a worthless guarantees on work completed by a guy you can’t reach? Do you get frustrated by folks that don’t show for appointments, and don’t call to reschedule? Would you like to work with a company that has over 1,800 positive online reviews in Jax?

If you answered ‘YES!’ to any of the above, then you need to experience the Mr. Handyman difference. If you would like a relationship with a trusted partner that can assist with a full range of home repair, improvement and maintenance projects, then please call us today to discuss your needs in greater detail.