What do we need to consider while shopping?

Q: Our ‘new to us’ home needs some interior doors replaced. What do we need to consider while shopping?

A: Congratulations on that new home. Doors are a great way to dress up a home. Interior doors generally fall into the ‘solid’ and ‘hollow core’ category. I’ll note here that the door between your home and attached garage must be a fire rated door, which is a solid door. Bedroom and bathroom doors don’t have this requirement, so pick something you like. Solid doors control sound better and are less prone to damage when the kids horseplay involves trying to lock each other in our out of rooms. Solid doors cost more, however, which is why most builders are installing hollow doors. You can get both in 5 panel or 6 panel look, and lauan doors can be stained if you like a ‘real wood’ look for your doors. Outfitted with nice knobs or levers, new doors can help make your new house a home.