Discreet handles in the bathroom

Q:  My husband and I don’t consider ourselves ‘old’ but occasionally need a bit of help getting up and down at the toilet.  We hate the look of grab bars.  What other solutions might you suggest?

A:  Two things come to mind here for you to consider.  ‘Comfort height’ toilets are a name for taller toilets.  This helps many with an extra 1.5” to 2” of height, depending on what height your toilet is now.  This looks just like any other toilet, it’s simply taller.

The other option to explore is replacing your current Toilet Paper roll holder with something sturdy that is essentially a grab bar in disguise.   Similarly, a slim grip grab bar mounted on the wall with towels on it may look more like a towel bar than a grab bar.  Rated for 300 lbs when the proper wall anchors are used, these should provide ample support for raising and lowering yourselves at the toilet.

Alone or together, these suggestions may work to provide you all the additional support you need.