Ask a Pro: Things to Consider When Installing a New Mailbox

Red mailbox

We’re preparing to install a new mailbox, what do we need to know?

A:  Great question.  The postal service requires that your mailbox be mounted at a height of 41”-45” above the road surface (not above the curb).  The mailbox should then be 6”-8” back from the curb or side of the road.  By following these height and setback instructions the postal driver can pull up, open the mailbox and insert your mail quickly and conveniently.

If you are installing a first time mailbox for a new home, look at which side of the street your neighbor’s mailboxes are on.  Your new mailbox may need to be on the far side of the street, which would be the right side of the road on the route being traveled.

Clearly marking your address then allows the police and fire department find your home in an emergency.