Do Garbage Disposals Have Reset Buttons?

Man repairing a garbage disposal

Q:  My neighbor tells me most garbage disposals have a reset button, is that true?

A:  Yes, most garbage disposals have a reset.  When over-filled, or something is caught in them, they ‘trip’ so they aren’t damaged.  First, clear the issue, which may require you to reach in and reduce the volume of debris in the disposal.  Then, press the reset button, turn on the water and turn on the disposal.  If it starts running, you can slowly feed the garbage back in, being careful to remove anything hard that may not pass through.

If the disposal isn’t visibly clogged, then something may be caught.  Most disposals come with an allen wrench and have a fitting on the bottom to accept it, which will allow you to spin it backward to free up whatever is caught.  Remove the obstruction and you should be good to go.