Mr. Handyman Sees Recent Weather Causing More Headaches

We’ve gone from a period of extended drought to a period of extended rain.  While afternoon showers are quite common in Florida, the recent rains have come earlier in the day and with greater volume then is typical.  Strong storm cells have also toppled trees, crushed homes and fences, and downed power lines.

The weather has been a challenge for many homeowners.  While strong storm cells and downed trees make the news, this is not the typical homeowner experience.

The frequent and heavy rains are causing a variety of homeowner challenges with water intrusion being at the top of the list.  Roofs leak and ceilings get stained and in some cases ruined.  Old caulking around doors and windows will fail and interior drywall shows evidence of water damage.  Already soft wood on decks, trim and siding has been wet for a month now and the damage is starting to accelerate.

It’s almost impossible to caulk a crack in a stucco exterior when it’s pouring down rain.  Similarly, caulking around door and windows, replacing rotten siding, and cleaning gutters that aren’t draining properly are all issues to be dealt with when it’s not raining.  The trick, then, is to make mental notes of issues, and you must not allow the next sunny day to lull you into complacency that your issue(s) have been resolved.

That next sunny day is the time to methodically inspect the exterior of your home and add any items of note to the mental list you started above.  Examine the caulking around every door and window.  Is it time to caulk?  Examine your stucco exterior for cracks.  For wood siding, do a general inspection but pay particular attention to the bottom 1’-2’ of each wall.  Most water damage starts low due to splashing and bushes keeping things shaded so they don’t dry out.  Also inspect your gutters to ensure they are clear and downspouts are not clogged, as overflowing gutters are also a cause of siding damage as well as damage to fascia.

Upon completing your inspection, and noting items that need attention, your work really begins.  Homes don’t take care of themselves and a periodic inspection and resolution of noted issues is an ongoing need.  The recent weather has simply accentuated this need and reminded many that they’ve been complacent and let this go too long.

For those who don’t have the time, desire, or ability to deal with regular home maintenance and repair, Mr. Handyman is here to help.  Our staff are professionals with years of industry experience and broad capabilities in home maintenance and repair.  They are also skilled home improvement professionals and can help you understand potential cost and timing of your next home improvement project.  They may also be able to offer some ideas and alternative approaches that you hadn’t considered.

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