Ask a Pro: Dry Wall Repair

Q:  I’ve got 3 boys in the home and their ‘rough-housing’ has now resulted in a third drywall repair caused by a door handle.  How can I keep this from re-occurring?

A:  As a father of 3 boys, I feel for you.  The stops that mount on the hinges aren’t sturdy enough for your three boys, as you’ve proven.  The peg at the bottom of the door (use the solid ones, not the spring ones) are only an option if they will hit something solid, like wood baseboard.  Over time, this can wear on the baseboard.  

The sturdiest option for you, often seen in commercial environments but also available for the home, is the dome style stop that mounts to the floor and has a rubber stop that the door cannot bypass.  These screw into the floor and will keep your walls and baseboard from being damaged.  Good luck.