Mr. Handyman reduces headaches when selling your home

The home buying and selling season is in full swing.  With the kids out of school soon, many use the summer break as their opportunity to make a move and settle into a new home before the start of a new school year.  New homes, new neighbors, new schools; this is exciting stuff.  That said, coordinating a sale, a purchase, a move and all those moving parts can also be a headache.

In an effort to reduce the headache count by at least one, I suggest that you not wait until the last minute in dealing with issues from a home inspection.  That may be a seller-requested home inspection, which is broader in scope, or a Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) inspection that’s narrower in scope and focused on wood decay issues. 

A home inspection report is simply a log of identified issues.  The inspector will generally tag those which are reason for concern.  Every home that isn’t brand new has some wear and tear and it’s not always required that these items be addressed, but don’t try and determine what will and won’t be addressed the day before closing, as this will just lead to headaches.  Issues identified on these respective reports range from the common to the complicated and you may have challenges getting the items resolved at the last minute.

I decided to write on this topic after taking two calls in the same day recently from frantic callers needing a report cleared that day or the next, so they can close by the weeks end.  We were un-able to help due to previously scheduled jobs, and I suspect this will be the case with many reputable service providers.  This is the high season for this kind of work, and their schedules are full, and you don’t want to work with the less reputable players out there.  You have enough headaches.

WDO reports must generally be addressed in their totality.  Even if you’ve agreed to purchase a home ‘as is’, say a foreclosure by a bank, your lender will require a WDO to ensure it’s not damaged by termites, algae, or rot.  This must be cleared and re-inspected prior to closing in most instances.  Postponing a closing can be costly, so don’t let the inspection be put off until the last minute.

For those not familiar with Mr. Handyman, we are a licensed home improvement and repair contractor with a great reputation for customer service, and quality craftsmanship, backed by our Done Right® guarantee.  Our staff are employees, not sub-contractors, giving us full control of their schedule.  We can generally handle most items found on inspection reports, and we often have quality referral partners when there are items we can’t handle due to licensing issues.  Most importantly, if you go online and read our reviews you’ll find we leave our customers pleased.

If you need to get an inspection report cleared, call Mr. Handyman …. But don’t wait until the last minute.