Mr. Handyman Says Let the Summer Season Begin!

With Memorial Day weekend a week away, and local schools starting to end their year shortly after that, the summer season is upon us.

For many, the summer season switches the focus from the kid’s school routine to the kids summer activities routine.  Camps, a visit to the grandparents or cousins, and – hopefully – at least one good summer family adventure. 

The summer season also happens to be the busiest time of your in the home-improvement industry.  Those involved with teaching, at any level, generally have less of a class load during the summer and use this time to get some projects done.  Others have more time planned at home with the kids.  In both cases, this is a perfect time to schedule service providers to get some things done.

With this in mind, I’d like to offer a few hints for making the summer season productive.

As tempting as it may be to simply unwind for a while, know that many will do this.  Getting a jump on scheduling work is to your advantage.  You have a better chance of doing your project with timing of your choice, versus settling for whatever time your service provider has available.  You also want to work with service providers with better reputations, and their schedules will be the first to fill.  So, get organized and get it scheduled, and then you can focus on enjoying your summer.

Once you’ve organized your to-do list and are prepared to start contacting service providers, I highly recommend you go online and read reviews to see what customers say?  Home service providers with a high volume of reviews across many sites have been in business for a while and those reviews will tell you more about that service provider than their marketing claims.

Every company will have some positive reviews, and every company will have run across that one customer they simply couldn’t satisfy.  A company with a high volume of overwhelmingly positive reviews can generally be trusted, and a company with generally poor reviews, or no reviews at all, is a risk.  Some may charge a bit less to attract customers in spite of their poor reviews, but they can be aggravating to work with.

For those not familiar with Mr. Handyman, our stated purpose is to offer a consistent and remarkably better end to end experience than what others provide.  We hire a better quality of staff, not sub-contractors, and that staff average 20+ years of paid professional experience.

We have trained CSR’s in the office to take your calls live, answer questions and manage scheduling, dispatch technicians and do follow up calls to ensure all was done to your satisfaction.  While issues are rare, when they do occur we simply return and resolve them.

When you are ready to get your summer to-do list scheduled for completion, check out Mr. Handyman online and then call.  You’ll find there’s simply no one like us.