Mr. Handyman Says: Spend Summer With the Kids!

It’s that time of year again, the schools are letting out.  Today your kids embrace the summer break with gleeful anticipation.  A week from now they’ll be bored and claiming there is ‘nothing to do’.  That’s the short attention span of a child.

Thinking back (I won’t admit how many years, but it can be measured in decades), I have many fond memories of family summer adventures.  Beaches, mountains, camping, canoe trips, drive in movies, swimming …. Wow, we had some fun.  My siblings and I are scattered now, but when we get back together and reminisce, many discussions harken back to these family summer adventures of yesteryear.

I’ve been involved in Scouting as an adult now for about 15 years now, and heading out into nature for an adventure provides our youth with a learning platform unlike any other.  I can also attest that NE Florida offers plenty to do.  Beaches, rivers and creeks galore present opportunities for water sports of all kinds.  Canoeing and kayaking, fishing, surfing, paddle boarding, sailing, or simply swimming; the list of water based activities in NE Florida is endless.

If you’d like to explore history, or want to expose your kids to more history, US history doesn’t get much older than St. Augustine.  There are also several state parks in Florida with great displays of life in Florida prior to the European arrival.  These same parks include hiking and biking trails, camping sites and more.

For those that think of Florida as flat and sandy, know that Florida has caves West of Tallahassee.  Florida Caverns State Park allows you to go into a cool underground cave on a hot summer day.

To the South the Kennedy Space Center offers tours of history that many of us remember, but for our kids, and grandkids, this is the stuff from history class and movies.

You may be wondering what any of this has to do with the Home Improvement business.

Well, summer is a special time to do some special things that the kids will remember for a lifetime.  If you run short on time between work, adventures with the kids and your “to do” list, know that Mr. Handyman is here for you. 

Know that when you call Mr. Handyman you are dealing with home improvement professionals.  Our staff are employees, not sub-contractors, and average 20+ years of paid professional experience.  Better yet, they get tremendous customer feedback, which should tell you more than anything I can say here.  Go online and read our reviews to see what customers have to say.

To support our in-home staff, we have a customer service team in the office that’s just as good.  When you call Mr. Handyman you get a person, not a machine.  We’ll be happy to discuss your project, explain how we work, and schedule an appointment as needed.

Check us out online and you’ll see that there’s simply no one like us!