Mr. Handyman: There’s simply no one like us!

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On the day I wrote this piece I had just returned from visiting one of our Service Technicians at a customer’s home in the Riverside area. He both complimented us on our work and commented that he’d already told a few friends about us. “There’s nobody like you guys out there,” he explained.

“I had less than a days-worth of work accumulated on my to-do list and a contractor I had worked with in the past wasn’t interested. The one guy that was interested in maintenance and repair work took his time getting back to me and didn’t seem all that professional. Then I found Mr. Handyman.”

Mr. Handyman fills a unique niche. We like to claim that we’re redefining the home improvement experience. This includes maintenance, repair, modest upgrades and light remodeling. While licensed as a General Contractor, our niche is the smaller end of the market that many professionals don’t want to deal with.

What really differentiates us is our staff and approach. Traditional contractors organize other contractors (sub-contractors) depending on the needs of a job. Carpenters frame up the room addition, then come plumbers and electricians, the drywall sub, then the carpenters trim it out, and finally the painter applies the finishing touch. With projects of a certain size, or larger, this is efficient. For a small area of damage due to a water leak around a door or window it is not. It’s not cost effective for you, or them, so folks often have trouble getting somebody to return their call for smaller projects.

This is where a generalist like Mr. Handyman comes in. In most cases, we do all the work. Our staff are employees, not independent operators that we pull in as needed depending on the project. Several have been with us 5+ years and some are newer, but each was background checked, drug screened and their qualifications fully vetted. They work for us, and only us, giving us full control of their daily schedule. When we tell you that we’ll be there at 8:00am on Friday, we’ll be there at 8:00am on Friday.

And when you’re ready to schedule your work our customer service staff are available daily to work with you. No more leaving a message in a voice mail and hoping somebody will call you back. The customer service staff will give you a courtesy call the day before your appointment to remind you we are coming, and they’ll call you the day after the job to confirm all work was completed well.

We stand behind our workmanship with a 1-year guarantee. Issues are rare, but we simply resolve them when they do arise, you won’t find us dodging calls. Our reputation is important, and we want to be your first call whenever you have a need.

Isn’t this how it’s supposed to be? Experienced professionals that arrive on time, do quality work, clean up when done and back their work with a guarantee? We think so. If you do also, call Mr. Handyman to discuss your needs.