Squirrels In The Attic

Q:  Squirrels keep chewing through my soffit screens.  Do you have any suggestions for handling this?

A:  When this becomes a recurring issue it requires a two-pronged approach.  Stronger soffit coverings and removal of the intruder.  As the weather cools, your once brutally hot summer attic becomes an inviting dry cozy home for the winter.    Once a pest has been in your attic, it knows this.

Screens are a poor deterrent and they make aluminum grids to cover most size holes.  While this can slow them down, a rodent can chew its way through your soffit or fascia.  They can be very determined, and a pest control company may be required to remove that determined individual.  A rodent that hasn’t been in your attic won’t know what it is missing and covering all your accessible vent holes with aluminum grids will usually solve the issue.