Is Cement Fiber a Good Replacement for Rotten Plywood Siding?

Q: I have plywood siding that’s rotten and my friend recommended cement fiber board to replace it, which is better?

A: The manufacturers of these products could each write volumes on why their product is better. Both products are widely used in Jax. Plywood is wood, and wood rots. Caulk and paint must be kept in good shape. Flaking paint and cracked caulk allow water to damage the wood.

Cement fiber board is more rot resistant, but it does degrade. While it won’t rot like wood, it can retain water and grow algae’s. It is a thinner, less sturdy product. A ball thrown against it can put a home in your home. We advise it be installed with a plywood backer and house wrap, providing the strength of plywood, while keeping rot resistant shell to face the elements. We also advise paint and caulk be well maintained.