Q & A - Fire Risk and Christmas Trees

Q: I’ve heard that Christmas trees as a fire hazard.  Any tips on reducing risk?

A:  If you’ve ever thrown a Christmas tree in the fire pit after the holidays, you know they are highly flammable.  To prevent risk, I recommend the following:  First, give the tree a fresh cut off the bottom, 1 to 1.5 inches, just before putting it in the stand.  Get water in the stand immediately.  Dried sap seals the bottom and this is the best way to get the tree to take up water.  Then, keep the tree away from heat sources.  This includes HVAC vents (blowing air, hot or cold, dries them out), and space heaters.  Most important, keep the tree away from fire (fireplaces and candles).  Last point, always have a fire extinguisher in the home, know where it is, and know how to use it.

Be safe, and Merry Christmas.