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Photo of a wooden patio in the back of a house

Can it be 'too cold' to paint?

Q: We need some exterior painting and want to avoid working in Florida heat.  We’re considering doing this now.  Can it be ‘too cold’ to paint?

A: Yes, it can be too cold to paint.  Fortunately, we live in Florida so we’re mostly OK.  As a rule, you want air temps and the surface being painted above 50 degrees.  Remember that we still have cool dewy mornings.  Getting things dry is important, so let the sun come up and burn off the dew.

The most important part of painting is the prep work.  Scraping blistered paint and wiping down the area to be painted can be done at any temperature, with caulking being the exception.  Cold caulk doesn’t flow or adhere well.  Caulking and painting on the sunny side of the home on a given day will help things warm up, and help the paint dry.