Winter Special Available Now!

Q: I hear Mr. Handyman is running a ‘Winter Special’, can you tell me more?

A: Absolutely! January and February are a bit slower than the rest of the year. Folks are paying off the credit cards after the year-end holidays, they are starting to think about taxes, and the cooler weather is keeping folks inside. The net result is less demand for services in January and February.

While Mr. Handyman doesn’t do a lot of couponing, this is a perfect time of year to give folks an incentive to get an early start on their spring ‘to-do’ list. (Or, their leftover fall to-do list, including Irma damage). You get to save 10% when we come out to complete your to-do list, and we get extra jobs to fill holes in our schedule. This is win-win for us both! Please call to discuss your specific needs.