Q and A - Bees In Walls

Q: We appear to have bees nesting in the wall of our home, what should we do?

A: Your pest control company can help you determine the bee type. Honey bees are cavity nesters, and that can include walls of homes if they find an opening. Honey bee populations are threatened due to indiscriminate use of pesticides, disease and monoculture. Given this, do you want them dead and out of your wall, or just out of your wall? If the latter, ask your pest control rep about live removal. Professional and non-professional (bee enthusiast) options may be available.

Whether removed dead or alive, your wall will need to be opened to remove hive and honey (which will attract ants) and then the exterior of the home must be repaired to both look nice, and in such a way as to prevent future swarms from occupying your walls.