Q & A Hanging X-mas Lights

Q:  Does Mr. Handyman install Christmas lights?  As we get older we enjoy the lighting, but I no longer feel it’s safe for my husband to be up on the ladder installing them.

A:  Yes, Mr. Handyman installs Christmas lights.  A few things to consider as you prepare for this.  New lights are best.  You don’t want to pay us, or anyone else, to untangle wires or to search for that one bulb that making half the string go dark.  In fact, we recommend the newer LED strands.  They are energy efficient and one bulb doesn’t affect downstream lights.

Then have everything on hand.  That includes the lighting, plenty of extension cords to reach multiple outlets, and the appropriate clips, depending on where you want them hung.  If you have some pre-holiday maintenance & repair work you need done, we can tie it all together into one visit.