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Being a Professional Q & A

Q:  Mr. Handyman claims to offer a ‘professional level of service’.  Isn’t anyone that does what you do a professional?

A:  If one does home improvement work full time this is clearly their job, but being a professional is another story.  Professionals, in almost any industry, are credentialed and appropriately insured for their industry.  A doctor, for example, is usually certified by a board for his or her particular specialty and carries malpractice insurance to protect both the Dr. and the patient.

Mr. Handyman is licensed as a General Contractor here in the state of Florida.  We choose to focus on smaller home improvement, maintenance & repair project – vs. building homes – but we are a fully licensed and insured contractor.  This includes Commercial General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance, both of which protect us, and our clients.  Not every handyman is a professional, so beware.