Q & A - Generator Noise

Q: Is there a way to reduce the noise from a portable home generator. It is so loud we cannot use it at night.

A: Portable generators are generally used for temporary power. This could be the result of a power outage after a storm, or while camping or someplace else without power. I’m not clear on which scenario your question comes from.

Moving the generator further away and behind something (a shed, vehicle, or over a hill) can dampen the noise greatly. If you can put the generator 50’-100’ away from the home or campsite, and behind something, you will find this helps quite a bit. If this moves the generator closer to your neighbor, that may cause a problem. If so, consider what you need the power for at night. A batter operated fan, light or clock may allow you to turn the generator off overnight.

Reader Comment:  Generators come in many sizes, and so do dog houses.  Most dog houses come unassembled in a box.  A properly sized dog house can be assembled and set ‘over’ the generator with the supply lines coming out the door.  This helps muffle the noise.  When the need has passed, the dog house can be un-assembled and stored with the generator.

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