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Labor Day

Mr. Handyman – There’s Simply No One Like Us!

Are you ready for the Labor-Day weekend? Do you plan to spend it laboring, or doing something a bit more relaxing?

I painted the entire interior of our first home. It took a couple of weekends, but it was my home and I proudly painted it. I used to change the oil in my car, rotate my own tires, clean the gutters and so on. Today, honestly, I have people for these things.

I’m not ashamed of that, my priorities have simply changed. I’m busy at work, have children now, and time with friends and family is more important than changing my oil.

We all reach this point, but I see many people struggle with it. I see home damage that has gotten much worse with time because the homeowner never found the time to address the issue. Failure to inspect and caulk a shower now means it need to be torn out and replaced. Once tile starts falling off the wall it is generally beyond repair.

I see once active folks that used to keep their home in tip-top shape that simply can’t do all they used to do. Given it was never in their nature to call a service provider, things are now going undone. This approach is stressful and will eventually lead to costly repairs.

If you’ve reached the point in life where you don’t have the time, no longer have the ability, or no longer have the desire to take on some or all the items on your to-do list, then you need a trusted partner. Somebody that’s focused on a long-term relationship, while also managing today’s tasks for you. Somebody that’s professional, safe, reliable and convenient to work with.

A professional service provider is appropriately licensed and insured for their trade. If your home is damaged, you want insurance in place to cover all costs associated with the damage. You want to be protected.

A safe service provider is one who hires seasoned professionals, screens them via background checks and drug tests, checks credentials, and ensures they are sending you somebody capable of supporting your needs.

Home improvements don’t always go as planned. Demolition finds additional damage, ants and termites are found nesting in walls, and weather can slow projects down. A reliable service provider is one who shows up on-time or calls if held-up or running late due to unforeseen issues on a prior job.

A service provider that is convenient to work with is one who has staff to answers the phone separate from the staff working in homes. It is a service provider who manages their schedule and can give you an appointment time with a high degree of confidence it will happen.

When I think of Professional, Safe, Reliable and Convenient service provider options for home improvement and maintenance/repair projects in Jacksonville, the list is very short. Check us out and you’ll find there’s simply no one like us!