Organizing Your Spring 'To-Do' List

Q: What is the best approach to organize needs around the home in prep for Spring?

A: Remember that maintenance/repair needs generally get more expensive when put off. So, you don’t have to commit to doing anything, but I do recommend you take an inventory. Methodically inspect your home and note of various needs. Some may be optional upgrades and others more pressing repairs.

With completed list in hand then sort into ‘Must do’ and ‘Like to do’ categories. ‘Must-do’ items should be prioritized based on the potential for damage if left undone. (Say, exterior wood that will rot if paint or caulk are not reapplied). ‘Like to do’ items are prioritized based on a desire to have them.

‘Must do’ items take priority but reward yourself with a few ‘Like to do’ items along the way to keep you motivated. Decide which you can do, and allocate time on the calendar, and which you’ll need help with.

Call Mr. Handyman would love to assist with anything you don’t have the time or skills to handle yourself.