Mr. Handyman and Neighborly

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What’s better than a highly rated and professional Home Improvement company that can help with many needs around your home? A highly rated and professional Home Improvement company that is part of a community of home service experts. That community is Neighborly.

Neighborly is a community of home service experts, which currently stands at 9 members here in Jax. Each are individually licensed, respected and highly capable home service experts in their own right, and when one of them can’t help you, one of the others often can.

You may be familiar with, or have even had one or more of the Neighborly brands into your home or business. Members of this community include Mr. Appliance (appliance repair), Mr. Rooter (plumbing and drain cleaning), Mosquito Joe (mosquito control), Glass Doctor (glass repair and installation), Window Genie (window cleaning and more), Molly Maid (house cleaning), The Grounds Guys (lawn care and landscape), and Mr. Handyman (home improvements, maintenance & repair).

Our shared website, is a home service platform that connects you to a very specific group of local experts. Our family of providers meets rigorous quality standards to repair, maintain and enhance your home or business. And, these are locally owned and operated businesses, staffed from within the local community. With these pros living in your community, scheduling is quick and convenient.

Each business on the Greater Jacksonville Neighborly team is appropriately licensed for their trade. They are also fully insured for your protection. They each have rigorous standard for hiring and training, and they dispatch uniformed staff in branded vehicles so there is no question about who has arrived at your door. Individually, and as a group, the Neighborly community of home service experts is Professional, Safe and Reliable.

There are many home service apps and websites that claim to be able to support a wide range of services, and each will connect you with local service providers. In most cases these are marketing firms focused on lead generation which they turn around and sell. They spend a lot of money on marketing to raise awareness and burnish their brand, but they refer 3rd parties to do the work.

When you use the website, you are working with a Neighborly website to find a local Neighborly brand that can help with your specific needs. There is no motivation to sell your lead multiples times, or to sell it to the highest bidder. And should you move across the state, or across the country, will help you find trusted local Neighborly businesses that can assist you in your new location.

Know that the Neighborly brands share a code of ethics based on respect, integrity, customer focus and having fun in the process. If you enjoyed and appreciated the efforts of one brand, you will likely enjoy and appreciate the efforts of the other brands.

The Neighborly community is another way Mr. Handyman is able to assist you. There’s simply no one like us!