New Mailbox Height

mr handyman van in front of a house

Q: We need to install a new post and mailbox in front of our home. Are their specific placement requirements?

A: Yes, there are. According to the USPS the ‘door’ of your mailbox should be between 41” and 45” in height. That door should be set back 6” to 8” from the curb. With this height and setback, the postal driver can pull up to your mailbox, deliver your mail and drive away; all from the seat of the vehicle. Were the box to be set too low, or too far off the curb it would be difficult to reach.

Once set, the mailbox or post should have a reflector so that it is clearly visible to oncoming traffic at night. This will reduce the chances of it getting hit. Last, the mailbox should clearly display the address (numbers) for your home.