Re-Roofing & Insurance

Q: A roofing company suggested they may be able to get our homeowners insurance rates lowered by getting our roof hurricane certified as part of our re-roof. Does this sound right?

A: This is possible but do your homework. Building codes changed after hurricane Andrew severely damaged south Florida in 1992. Homes built prior to that may (or may not) not have hurricane straps holding the roof to the home. While reroofing your home your roofer can get pictures and complete paperwork for you to send to your insurer to prove straps exist.

This is just an opportunity they use as part of their sales process. This may, or may not, be an opportunity for your particular home. Call your homeowners insurance company to understand if this is a possibility for your home, and what they require from the roofer. Make sure this is written into your re-roof contract.