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Folio 500 and Bold City Best Awards

Mr. Handyman Named Best In Jacksonville

All companies have goals. At Mr. Handyman our most important goal has always been providing a consistent and remarkably better customer experience.

There are a hundred guys and companies in Jacksonville that can install a door. Unfortunately, with most of those company’s the consumer has an awful customer experience. They are hard to reach, may or may not show up, may or may not do quality work, often leave a mess and if you discover an issue after they leave your home you’ll have a hard time reaching them if your check has cleared.

So, first and foremost at Mr. Handyman, our goal is to be the antidote to these many challenges that our customers have experienced with others. While it’s a bit cliché, we train our staff that we’re in the customer service business, serving up home improvements. Others seem to think they are in the home improvement business first, or that they are a carpentry, drywall, or painting contractor, and then they focus on the customer.

While this seems like two sides of the same coin, the mindset is totally different. As is the customer experience.

In mid-October Mr. Handyman was named the ‘Bold City Best’ in the Handyman and Remodeling categories. These awards are given by the Florida Times Union and as voted by their reader community. This was our fourth year as a finalist, and third year as a winner of the Bold City Best award.

In mid-November Mr. Handyman was recognized with the ‘Best of Jax’ award in the Home Improvement and Remodeling categories. These awards are given by Folio Weekly Magazine as voted by their reader community. This was our second year being named the ‘Best of Jax’.

Both these awards are based on the input of the community. Given this we’re very proud to receive this recognition. We don’t set out each year to rack up awards, we set out with the goal to provide a consistent and remarkably better customer experience. If we do this, and it appears we are, the awards and recognition seem to follow.

If you’ve had a poor experience with others and are ready to work with the best in Jacksonville then we ask that you give Mr. Handyman a try. Not because we make bold claim about being the best, but because the readers of two popular media outlets have both named Mr. Handyman in their respective ‘best’ lists for 2019.

If we can leave that many people pleased, we can leave you pleased. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs.