Q & A - Keeping the Christmas Tree Fresh

Q: What’s the best way to keep our Christmas tree ‘fresh’ for the holiday season?

A: As somebody that sold Christmas tree’s during high-school and college holiday breaks, I love this question.

Prior to putting the tree in the stand you want to cut about 1” off the bottom of the tree, immediately get it in the stand and upright, and provide it hot water (hot from the faucet is fine) as the hot water helps soften pinesap and allows it to take up water. Then, always keep water in the stand up above the bottom of the tree. If the water drops below the bottom, it will seal itself again and be unable to take up additional water. ‘Nutrients’ sold for your tree are not needed. Then, keep the tree away from heat sources; including fireplaces, HVAC vents, and sun streaming through a nearby window.