Have you been burned in the past? Call Mr. Handyman for a better future.

If you’ve every been burned by a home improvement company, or contractor, you are not alone.

The Consumer Federation of America (CFA) published their Consumer Complaint Survey Report for 2019 on July 27, 2020. This report represents just under 194,000 consumer complaints filed with 31 consumer agencies across the country.

Home Improvement/Construction was 2nd in reported complaint volume, and #1 (worst) in complaints based on financial loss. It seems there is a national epidemic of poorly done work, projects that were never completed, or projects that were paid for (in whole or part) that never even started.

There are many companies in Jacksonville that claim to do the same body of work that Mr. Handyman does for homeowners every day. Carpentry work in many forms, drywall repairs, tile work, and so on. The common complaints we hear about many of these companies is that they are hard to reach, don’t always show up, on-again off-again project progress, and that the quality of the work is hit and miss. This is consistent with the CFA survey and not unique to Jacksonville.

Why is this such a common problem? Consider that many great athletes don’t make great coaches when they retire; and many great coaches were never athletes at the elite level. Playing and coaching the same game are different skillsets. Similarly, the skills that make one a great home improvement craftsman are not the same skills required to run a great home improvement business.

Many skilled craftsmen, upon opening their business, focus on their craft/trade skills. This is the foundation of their experience, and it becomes the foundation of their business. The customer experience suffers.

With 25 years of corporate experience supporting customer service organizations prior to opening Mr. Handyman in Jacksonville, the foundation of this business was the customer experience.

We opened with customer service staff to answer the phones, manage customer inquiries, schedule work and manage all customer communications – so our craftsmen could focus on their craft.

We licensed software for schedule management and deployed technology to our field staff to improve the customer experience.

We hire experienced craftsmen (we have 180 years of paid professional experience on the current staff) and we ensure they are safe to send into customer homes. They are background checked and drug screened. We call references, check credentials and talk to past customers. Do they do quality work? We only hire those with a proven track record.

If you do this stuff long enough, something doesn’t turn out as expected from time to time. We own that. We don’t duck calls; we simply return and address the issue. This is our Done Right Guarantee®

At Mr. Handyman our goal is to be the antidote to the poor customer experience highlighted in the CFA survey. If you’ve been burned by others in the past, call Mr. Handyman for your home maintenance and repair needs; and for a better future.