Q&A - Things To Do in February

Q: What’s our high priority tasks around the home in February if we’re trying to keep up with our ‘to do’ list?

A: While still cool to start the month, February will see things warm up and the rest of the leaves will start falling. The maples, hickory and other deciduous trees have already lost their leaves, and the evergreen oaks will see their new leaves cause the drop of their old leaves. This means full gutters, if you have them, and leaf debris in valleys and on flat roofs.

These will need to be cleaned off, or they’ll cause issues. As the leaves decompose, they will turn into a thick muck that will clog gutters and downspouts. Things will start to grow in this, and the added weight can pull your gutters down. Decomposing leaf litter piles on the roof can damage the shingles below.