Congratulations Bold City Best Winners

I generally focus on industry perspective on this space, but today we’re going to take a moment to congratulate the many winners recently announced in the Florida Times Union, and, Bold City Best contest. It’s been a challenging year and for any business to elevate itself above the crowd in this environment is worth a mention.

What you spend on advertising with the Florida Times Union, or, doesn’t matter; you don’t have to spend a dime. The currency for this competition is consumer confidence in your services. Are they the ‘Best’ at what they do? The people, restaurants, companies and non-profits that accumulate the most consumer votes were deemed the winners. In total, 136 first place winners were announced across as many categories on October 29th.

If you are looking for a new restaurant to try out, now or after the COVID chaos clears, why not visit and check out the Cuisine & Cocktails finalists and winners. Some listed will be familiar to you, but others may be unfamiliar gems worth visiting the next time you venture out.

You can also view the finalists and winners in “Auto’s & More”, “Health & Well Being”, “People, Places & Faces of Jax”, “Real Estate & Finance”, “Shops of Jax”, and “Things to do & Places to be”. There’s something for everyone.

Last, and certainly not least, is the ‘Home & Professional Services’ category. If you’ve ever had a service company ‘no show’ for work you needed done, then you understand the value of knowing who was voted the ‘Best’ company in these 29 separate categories.

When we first moved into this space I noted that I would talk about the home services industry in general, provide perspective, remind you of seasonal priorities and occasionally talk about our own company. Today I’m going to humbly, but happily, note that Mr. Handyman won the Bold City Best award for BOTH the Best Handyman Service and Best Home Remodeling Company. This is our 5th year as a finalist and 4th year to win in at least one category.

We don’t set out to win awards each year. We set out to deliver a consistent and remarkably better customer experience. With staff to take your calls, scheduling & dispatch software, and an all employee staff, we put craftsmanship and the customer experience at the center of all we do. We offer an alternative for those not happy with other choices in the market.

When we do this well our customers call again, tell their friends and family, and we get an award or two to hang on the wall.

Congratulations winners!