Pumpkin Carving, With Power Tools

We touch on serious topics in this space each week to help consumers navigate the often-confusing world of home services. I share tips on separating reputable service providers from those likely to be a problem, or even a risk, and other inside the industry perspective.

Today, let’s have some fun. For those up for some clean (sort of) adult fun, today we’re going to discuss carving pumpkins with power tools. Carving pumpkins was always a memorable activity as a child, and again when I became a parent. Those designs were often tame given the kid friendly tools employed by young hands.

With Halloween a week away, it’s time to start carving the pumpkins. Given our ‘Handy’ nature, and preference for power tools, we figured out how to use your toolbox to save you time prepping for Halloween this year, while creating the coolest pumpkins on the block. Remember, safety always comes first, so wear your safety goggles, follow the instructions in the owner’s manual for the tools you are using, and make sure that power tools are only used by an adult.

Pumpkin carving with power tools has become sport within the Mr. Handyman family these past few years, and we’ve dedicated some space on our website to providing ideas and templates to guide you along. Please visit our website at www.MrHandyman.com/Blog/ and review our piece on pumpkin carving. You’ll find templates, ‘how to’ videos, and pictures of completed pumpkins that might give you some ideas.

Common power tools that will come in handy during this exercise include a jigsaw, cordless drill with various size paddle bits and boring bits, and a dremel. For hand tools, a linoleum knife and woodworking chisels come in handy. From the kitchen, a lemon zester can be used for light work and texturing.

Last on the list, and one that most won’t have, is a ‘pumpkin gutter’. This handy tool (pun intended) fits into your drill. Looking a bit like a power mixer paddle, but on a much longer shaft, the pumpkin gutter spins inside the pumpkin and frees everything up so it can be dumped out. (That’s when the clean ends). Most hardware stores with a Halloween display should have these.

With tools on hand and ample ideas on our website, there should be plenty of ghoulish fun for young and old. While some of you may think pumpkin carving is kid’s stuff, break out the power tools and throw down a challenge amongst the moms and dads, and things can get competitive.

Talk a little trash, get creative with your designs, and have fun trying to outdo each other, but remember, the kids are watching.