Going Pro(fessional)

The first Olympics I remember are the 1972 summer games in Munich. I remember the Israeli Olympic team massacre, Olga Korbut (the female star of those Olympics), and Mark Spitz’ 7 gold medals in 7 swimming events. I’ve looked forward to the Olympics ever since.

In 1986 professional athletes joined the mix. I questioned this at the time but have come to realize that they were simply adjusting to reality. Many countries were paying their athletes to train full time, making them professionals even as they competed as amateurs. While some Olympians have a day job other than training in their respective sport, they are still narrowly focused on their training and often have the support of their employer for the flexibility they need to attend competitions and ramp their training as major events approach. Like the Olympics.

In the end, being a professional is about dedication and focus. This is who you are, this is what you do, sometimes to the exclusion of other aspects of your life. Plenty of us golf on weekends, road bike, run, swim, or do other activities for exercise and enjoyment, but nobody will confuse most of us with professional athletes dedicated to these sports.

One of the complaints I often hear from customers I meet through my business is how frustrated they are with finding reliable local help to maintain, repair or improve their home. I hear common stories about folks being hard to find, hard to reach, and many don’t show up after you do reach them. Others had work done by a guy that seemed nice enough, but a problem surfaced after he left, and now he will not return their call. Others report a project that started and then the guy quit showing up to finish it.

After asking a few questions about how their found their guy, I often observe that they are not dealing with a professional. Many of us like to root for the underdog, at the Olympics and in life. Hiring a ‘guy’ vs. hiring a company may feel good, but you are mostly hiring an amateur and are then frustrated when you do not get a professional experience. Unfortunately, you cannot have it both ways.

A professional will be easy to reach, offer a scheduled appointment time, will contact you if the schedule changes (weather could push you back, or allow you to move up), will do quality work and will resolve issues (they happen) quickly and efficiently. This is what defines them. Consider hiring a professional the next time you have a need and see if you have a better experience.

Mr. Handyman Serving Greater Jacksonville is a professional home service company, and proud member of the Neighborly family of home service brands. You can call us, text us, or complete a “Service Request” on our website and we’ll contact you. We have 24X7 live answer to all calls. We’re a licensed contractor, fully insured, and all our staff are employee’s, not sub-contractors, each background checked and drug screened for your protection. Home repair, maintenance and home improvements is what we do, it is all we do, and it is not something we do on the side.

Regardless of what we have to say, check us out online and see what our past customers have to say about us.

Meantime, Go Team USA!