Congratulations Bold City Best Winners

bold city best awards

Every year the Florida Times Union, and, run the ‘Bold City Best’ contest. For 2021 there were 132 different categories to be voted. Winners were announced at an awards banquet on August 19th, and a full winners guide was published in the Florida Times Union the next morning. You may also see the finalists and winners online.

With 132 categories, a single formula for ‘best’ does not exist. Quality of service is always high on the list, as is helpful knowledgeable staff. Simplicity of phone or online scheduling is important, as is timeliness. None of us like to wait. The total customer experience is what separates the good, better, and best. Cost must be linked to the value received, but rarely is the cheapest voted the best. Too many shortcuts spoil the overall customer experience.

The people, teams and businesses that are named the ‘Bold City Best’ each get bragging rights until the next year’s contest. I attended the awards banquet this year and there was plenty of celebrating as winners were called. Folks were loud, proud, and they should be.

Somebody cynically explained to me early this spring that these kinds of contests are just a ploy to sell more “Vote for us” advertising. There may be some truth to this, but the folks celebrating their wins in their respective categories at the awards banquet did not seem to mind. Readers of the Times Union had just voted them the best in Jacksonville, and they could have cared less about motives.

Mr. Handyman did quite well this year, winning in each of three service categories. Best Handyman (small projects), Best Home Improvement Company (medium projects), and Best Remodeling Company (large projects). This was our 6th year as a finalist, and 5th year being named Bold City Best. We are both excited and humbled at the same time. We very much appreciate the many votes of our customers and readers.

In past columns I have suggested that you always check out reviews and reputation when looking for a service provider. Nobody with any volume will have all 5 Star reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and the like. Consistently high ratings, however, are what you are looking for.

A Bold City Best win is simply another credential as part of that check out process. Even being a finalist is quite an accomplishment. It is another validation that differentiates one service provider from the rest of the pack. Service providers that are highly rated across multiple review sites, social media platforms, and who have a Bold City Best award are quite likely operating at the top of their game and worth checking out if you need a particular service.

This is true of the Chiropractors, Pet Groomers, CPA’s, Child Care Facilities, Non-Profits and all the rest of those 132 categories. Each of you may find something of interest. There are 34 different ‘Dining’ categories on this year’s Bold City Best winners list, and my wife and I plan to check out a few eateries that we have not yet experienced. Maybe we will see you there.