Side Work & Theft of Services

Many work as sub-contractors in the new construction industry. They frame homes, do siding, install doors and interior trim, hang and finish drywall, etc. When quitting time comes around, they do this same work for their own customers on the side. One of the reasons behind so many of the frustrations with home services is that for many your project is ‘side work’ and will usually take a back seat to their primary job.

While side work is fairly common, there is a conflict of interest when the side work is taking work away from the primary employer. My staff tell me if a customer solicits them to come back on an evening or weekend to do some additional work as side work. This is a problem. If a company (HVAC, plumber, electrician, etc.) spends money to generate leads, schedules the work, gets their employee onsite, and then the employee and consumer conspire to take some of the work off the books, that is theft of services.

The employee can be fired for theft of services. My guys tell me about these solicitations because they want me to know they are turning them down. It is not worth the loss of employment and benefits to make a few dollars on the side. Also know that soliciting employees to steal from their employer can also get you blacklisted with a service company.

Most side work is not a theft of services situation, but it is still work on the side. There is risk here. Is somebody working for cash on the side properly insured should unforeseen damage happen to your home? Is there a warranty on the work should problems arise after payment? Are permits being pulled? Is the work being done ‘to code’? Basic maintenance and repair work does not require a permit, but the work not being done to code could be an issue when you go to sell your home and you get it inspected.

If somebody offers to do your project on evenings and weekends for cash, it is likely a side work situation. There is a lot of dissatisfaction with the level of professionalism in home services, and consumer choices are often behind this. They do not know whether they are dealing with a professional, appropriately licensed and insured, with a great reputation that warranties their work. They hire a guy because he quoted them a great price, and they are then surprised when they do not get a professional level of service.

Know who you are hiring!

With Mr. Handyman serving Greater Jacksonville, you are always getting a professional level of service, from a licensed General Contractor. We have folks in the office to handle your inquiries, and seasoned professionals in the field to complete the work. We are fully insured, meaning we have Workers Compensation Insurance for our staff, in case anyone gets hurt and needs medical care. We have General Liability Insurance to take care of your home should the unexpected happen. And we stand behind all our work with our Done Right Promise.

Do not hire just anyone, and hope for the best. Hire the best and get great service and quality work backed by our Done Right Promise.