Reclaim Your Backyard

After our short, often mild, winters here in Florida many are eager to get back outside. They have pools, a patio or deck where they gather with family and friends. Now until the brutal heat of summer kicks in are some of the best months in Jacksonville. Many grew tired of snow someplace further North, and now live here.

While a chance of a frost exists into early March, flowers are starting to bloom, even if some evenings are cool. Now is the time to start planning to reclaim your backyard spaces.

First – take a walk and assess your needs. Some will need a bit of touch-up, and others will have more significant needs. Regardless, simply take a walk and write down things that need to be addressed, then organize and categorize.

During your inspection look up, look down, and look all around. Dead trees, or sizeable dead limbs in trees, are a safety hazard. Where will they land when they come down, and what might they strike? Your home, pergola, pool deck or automobile? If so, this goes on the list. Nails or screws sticking up out of a deck are a trip hazard, and very painful if you happen to trip on them in bare feet. If you have a pool inspect and ensure all fence and gates are working properly to keep young ones away from the water. Safety issues must be the first priority on any to-do list.

Next comes aesthetics. What needs cleaning? What needs paint or stain? Many homeowners have a pressure washer, as things tend to get green with pollen and algae in Florida. Others hire somebody to pressure wash their pool decks, patio, outdoor furniture, sidewalk and even their homes as needed. What will be needed this spring? Decks can only go a few seasons before needing to be cleaned and then re-sealed with a fresh coat of stain. This helps it look nicer, but it also prolongs the life of the deck by keeping the elements at bay.

Landscaping is another aesthetic that keeps our yards looking nice. Bushes grow unwieldy and need a good pruning. Anything that did not survive the winter needs to be pulled, and new annuals are needed in the beds.

Once you have taken inventory of your backyard needs, organize by priority, and tag those that you, or a family member can handle. Also, tag those items where you will need help. Now is the time to be lining up service providers and getting things done so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces when it is time to move outside. Do not let procrastination ruin your spring, get started today!

Mr. Handyman certainly respects your desire to do much, or even all of your spring to-do list yourself. We also recognize that some will need help. Some simply do not have the time, desire, or capacity to take on some of this work. That is where we come in. We regularly pressure wash all surfaces around the home. We repair, clean and re-stain many decks each spring and would be happy to help with yours. We can also secure wobbly fencing, fix gates that do not latch and handle general repair and maintenance needs around the yard, and around the home.

The sooner we get started, the sooner you can enjoy your outdoor spaces. Call today to discuss your specific needs.