Jump the Demand Curve

Studying internet search trends by season helps folks like me understand the ebbs and flows in the work that we do. Mirroring the tradition of new year’s resolutions geared toward health and weight loss, Google says that January is the biggest month of the year for folks searching for “Home Gym” related keywords.

Deck related keywords drop-off in December and January, start to climb in March, then peak in May through July each year. I guess the heat a mosquitoes get to folks by then, because search demands trend down pretty sharply after that through the end of the year.

So, what are the most searched for home improvement topics during the winter months? As one would guess, indoor projects take the lead. Bathroom remodels, drywall repairs, home organization projects, and flooring lead the way. January is pretty much the entire home-organization season, with modest interest through the remainder of the year. It appears we use the post-holiday cleanup to get organized and hide it all away, and then we are largely done for the year.

Understanding these seasonal trends helps businesses in many industries anticipate demand. How can you, as a homeowner, benefit from this? Every home has unique needs, but most homes have a to-do list. If you will be wanting a new deck, or the refurbishment of an existing deck, by understanding when demand will spike you can get ahead of it. If you start connecting with companies in January and February you may put yourself at the front of the line, and then be able to enjoy your new, or refurbished deck when the outdoor grilling and deck season arrives.

Landscaping demand starts to climb in March and stays high through June. If you would like to re-sod your yard, install raised beds, or update your landscape design in 2022, now is the time to start contacting service providers. There is still a frost risk into March, but providers can be selected, and plans finalized, so your project can begin as soon as the weather allows.

The demand for door related projects, both repairs and replacements, will start to climb in March and demand will remain elevated through September. December and February see the lowest demand of the year for door related projects. If you are considering replacing any doors at your home, knowing this demand curve will again allow you to get ahead of it.

If you plan to do your projects yourself you may assume that these trends do not matter but the increasing demand can lead to needed products being in short supply, rising prices, or both. Especially with today’s supply chain issues.

If you do need help with some, or all, of your to-do list, know that Mr. Handyman is here to help. Whether it be any of the above-mentioned projects, such as refurbishing your deck or installing new doors, or general home maintenance, home improvement, or remodeling projects, Mr. Handyman is here to help. Our all-employee staff get great feedback on quality and service, and we have been voted the ‘best’ in greater Jacksonville many times over.

If you need help, call Mr. Handyman. There’s simply no one like us.