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Times Are Changing

You hear it everywhere, for almost all types of businesses. Staffing and product shortages. How we got here is for the partisans to argue over, but here we are.

Supply chain and staffing issues are at the top of most businesses challenge list these days. You, as a consumer, have likely encountered product shortages at the store or eaten at a restaurant that was not fully staffed and was doing the best they could. The effects can be seen throughout our economy.

As with any headwind, businesses are adapting. This is going to require consumers to adapt as well. When it comes to home service-oriented businesses, part of what is changing on the business side is their willingness to make the trip to your home for free. Trip charges and diagnostic fees are not new but were not universally embraced. Now they are common for all but those doing side-work full time, and those folks are often undependable.

Of note, I’m not talking about major projects. If you want all new replacement windows for your home, or a new roof over that home, there are plenty of companies with a salesman on commission that will come meet with you. I’m talking about projects where a service technician is being dispatched to your home to diagnose an issue; and then offer pricing to resolve it once diagnosed. Air conditioning issues, plumbing and electrical issues, repairs noted on a home inspection report, general maintenance and repair type projects, to give some examples.

When staff are in short supply, their employers want them on paying work, not driving around ‘looking’ at potential work. If you the consumer are not willing to either A) move forward with the project once scoped, or B) pay a modest diagnostic to cover their trip to your home, then you are unlikely to get somebody reliable to come out.

And when a business cannot get to all the opportunities before them anyway, they are less inclined to work with nasty people. Life is stressful enough currently, so if one must lose jobs it is preferable to lose jobs with unreasonable jerks. I am not suggesting that anyone lower their standards, but one must also be pragmatic and patient.

Giving somebody a moment to work through a problem before you blow your top is not unreasonable, and it is far more likely to get you to the end point you desire. Hot-head customers that are difficult to work with may find themselves on the ‘Do Not Service’ list for companies they have called in the past. You do not want to be flagged this way when you really need help.

While a fraction of the population seems to relish being difficult, and you may know one of those people, most of the public is quite reasonable and a joy to work with. If you value input from seasoned professionals who average 20+ years of industry, then Mr. Handyman serving Greater Jacksonville just might be the company you are looking for. Our staff have been background checked, drug screened, are seasoned professionals, who get awesome customer feedback.

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