Summertime Home Maintenance Tips from Mr. Handyman

people jumping in the sunrise

Schools are out, and Memorial Day is behind us. While the calendar says summer does not officially start until June 21st, every kid knows that summer is here. June through mid-August mean summer camps in various forms (Scout camp, Band camp, and just plain camp), family vacations, and lots of time in the pool.

The summer months are also the very hottest months of the year here in Florida, where the sun is downright relentless. Extreme heat and humidity also bring in the afternoon showers. Just after it rains, it feels like we live in a sauna.

Schedule Home Maintenance Services before Summer

Please know that these next few summer months are the peak season for getting things done around the home. If you plan to hire somebody, the summer season tends to have more folks scheduling work while they are close to home because of the kids. Please know that many of the better home service providers, regardless of industry, were in high demand coming into the summer. Given this, now is the time to get on their schedule.

Your appointment may be several weeks out, so you can still take the kids to see their grandparents and do some fun stuff to start the summer. Upon your return, you can then get some things done around the home. If you wait until you are 'ready' to get some things done, you may find that the company you wanted to work with is booked out.

Staying Cool in the Summer

Staying on the summer theme but switching topics, your air conditioning will be working overtime through September, so here are a few tips to keep your cooling costs down.

Change Air Filters

First and easiest, change your filters. Your unit will be running non-stop, and a fresh, unclogged filter will keep your unit from wearing itself out. Another great idea is a programmable thermostat. Most homes already have them, but not everybody uses them. Set the temp a few degrees higher during the hours when nobody is home, and then cool the home back down prior to their arrival. Every family's situation is different but cooing the home when nobody is there gets expensive.

Utilize Blinds and Curtains

A simple technique for minimizing your cooling costs is using your blinds and curtains to block the warming rays of the sun. Some windows in your home face the sun for a good part of the day. The sun coming through those windows is heating the room, which your AC must then cool down. Closing the blinds and drawing the curtains, especially when nobody is home, will help lower your cooling costs.

Enjoy Your Summer

Summertime is fun for both young and old; enjoy it!

Call on Mr. Handyman For Your Summertime Home Maintenance Projects

If enjoying your summer means having somebody else take charge of your to-do list, know that Mr. Handyman of Greater Jacksonville is here to help. Every home has different needs, but every homeowner needs professional, safe and reliable service partners who are convenient to use and who stand behind their work with a Done Right Promise®.