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Buyer Beware - While it is cliché to say you get you what pay for, it is cliché for a reason. It is often true.

Buyer Beware

Today I want to share, in a bit more detail, where I see folks getting into trouble. I hope this will help prevent others from making similar mistakes.

Forty-plus years ago I was the kid in the neighborhood that did a bit of everything. I cut lawns, and shoveled snow (nope, not from Florida). As I got older I worked for a builder, gained skills, and did side-work that included drywall and painting, fencing, and I roofed a few garages. I was unlicensed, uninsured, and got paid in cash. This was mostly for neighbors and friends of my parents who knew where I lived.

There were certainly risks in hiring me, but my neighbors assumed I was worth the risk – especially when I was charging a fraction of what professionals would have charged for the same work. My lack of insurance was never an issue. I never flooded a home or did any damage that would require an insurance claim. But what if I had?

Fast forward to today. My business competes against the off the grid guys described above. I hope they are stand-up guys working hard to provide for themselves, but there are clearly bad apples among the mix.

The most common complaint I hear about are projects that start and then the guy quits showing up. After leaving texts and messages, the homeowner concludes that they will not see him again. Consumers pre-paid for materials, and sometimes a portion of the work, and that money is missing with their guy. Some projects end when the up-front money is paid. They guy goes shopping and never comes back. No work ever gets done.

Consumers were so excited about a great price that they lost perspective. They did not question the lack of a contract with company information at the top. Now, there is no door they can go knock on. If all had gone well everybody would have been happy, but something was not going well, and so their guy left one day and disappeared. He may have realized he had underpriced the job, or that he was in over his head. Or it was a scam from the start.

Legitimate contractors and businesses make mistakes. A dropped tool cracked a floor tile. A product they supplied failed. Something did not turn out as planned. These things do happen, and the contractors and businesses that earn their living based on reviews and reputation will return to resolve such issues and protect their reputation.

While it is cliché to say you get you what pay for, it is cliché for a reason. It is often true.

Mr. Handyman is licensed, fully insured, and backs our work with our Done Right Promise®. If there is a problem with our work, we simply return and resolve it. We understand that our staff are human, and that most return trips are quick visits for minor adjustments. We will not jeopardize the lifetime value of a customer relationship over such a minor expense.

While everyone hopes things go perfectly, you often learn more about a company from how they handle their problems. We return and resolve issues, earning customer trust and lifelong relationships.

Mr. Handyman, we’re re-inventing the home improvement experience!