Remarkable [ri-mahr-kuh-buhl]

Remarkable rock

If you ask the average homeowner about how things went with the last company, they had out to their home to supply some form of service – you will often get a long sigh and a story.

The question then, is are their companies that offer a remarkable customer experience? First, we look to for the definition of Remarkable. “1) Notably or conspicuously unusual; extraordinary” and “2) Worthy of notice or attention”.

Yes, there are companies that provide a customer experience worthy of notice or attention. Let us review what they provide.

There are four quadrants to a customer experience. Let us take them in order:

Quality of work is where most everyone focuses. If you hire a company to fix damaged drywall, and they do just that, then they have met expectations. It would be a problem if you could still tell where the damage was. Fixing the damage such that you cannot tell where it is exactly what you paid them for, and that – all by itself - is not remarkable.

Customer-facing practices are where differentiation starts. They have people to answer phones and deal with customer questions and scheduling. There is clear communication about arrival (a text notification that somebody is on the way is common), and they call you if somebody is running late. The in-home staff clearly explains things, protects your home, and cleans up when done. Most will also call after the job, a few days later, to ensure that no issues have surfaced. If there are issues, they promptly return and address them.

Time and project management are their ability to set an expectation and meet it. Surprises can happen (termites in the walls, your project just grew), but expectations should be re-set and then they manage to them. They commit to completing the work on Friday, and they are done on Friday. This is both rare and remarkable, these days.

Relationships are where the best companies truly shine. When they explain things, present options, and make recommendations, but let you decide, the result is trust. You realize they are working in your best interest, and not just looking for the biggest invoice they can generate that day. These companies see greater value in a long-term relationship built on trust. These companies know they will be your first call whenever future needs arise.

Remarkable companies exist in every trade. Online reviews and recommendations from friends and family will help surface remarkable service providers. You may have to try a few service providers, but when you find a remarkable one you trust, stick with them … they will treat you right.

Mr. Handyman strives to be remarkable – each and every day. Everything we do, from the staff we hire to the way we work, is designed with remarkably in mind. If we ever fall short, we would like to know about it.