Interior Decorative Trim

Interior decorative trim is another way to add both a stylish touch to your home and do it in way that is uniquely you. Your first requirement, before shopping for trim, is to have a style or theme in mind. Do you want refined? Would you prefer something rustic? Do you like ornate? Will all rooms be the same, which is most common, or will there be a theme per room? It is best to know where you are going before you start this trip.

Next consider your budget, and what it will allow you to do. “Clear” stain grade woods look beautiful but will cost quite a bit more than pre-primed pine. Is stained wood important for realizing your vision, or can painted wood trim meet your need? There is no right or wrong answer here, this is your home, what do you want?

Wainscoting is a classic look used for hundreds of years to protect the bottom third to half of walls. You can install wainscoting as wooden boards, either stained or painted, with a refined or rustic look. Wainscoting made from old barn siding fits into the rustic category. Wainscoting utilizing stained oak or cherry creates a refined look. Instead of boards, you might also use paneling or bead board. Add a complimentary baseboard at the bottom and cap it with chair rail to finish the project.

If you are on a budget, you can install baseboard at the floor, and chair rail at chair-height and then paint the wall in between. This two-tone look creates the accent effect of wainscoting but reduces your cost. Even with a wall of a single color from floor to ceiling, chair rail adds an accent and has a practical purpose in protecting walls if installed at the height of the backs of your chairs.

Crown molding is another interior accent trim that most are familiar with. Even when going with a painted crown molding product, you can go with wider boards, or dental crown, for a more refined look. Two-piece, or even three-piece crown, are options but will cost a bit more in both labor and material.

Common widths of various trim pieces can range from 2.25” to 5.5” wide. Depending on when your home was built, you will find door casing, baseboard, and other trim in these sizes. You do not have to go back with the same width as you currently have but be careful. Big bold trim in small rooms looks unbalanced.

You can upgrade to your new-look as one big project, or room by room as time and budget allow, creating the exact look you desire.

And if you know the look you want but are not inclined to replace or upgrade the interior trim in just one, or all, of the rooms in your home yourself – know that Mr. Handyman stands ready and waiting to assist. Our seasoned staff have many skills, but most are carpenters are heart. They are seasoned professionals, craftsmen, and exceptionally good at what they go. Best of all, they get great customer feedback from all over greater Jacksonville, and we back their work with our Done-Right Promise®. You, and your home, are safe with Mr. Handyman.