Discover These 10 Problems You Can Fix with Door Repair Service!

A handyman using a screwdriver to repair the locking mechanism of a door during an appointment for door repairs.
Door repair is one of the most important areas of Newtown home maintenance, if one of the most underrated. Whether they welcome friends and family into your place or provide privacy within a busy household, your entryways serve various important functions. Thus, it's important to take care of Newtown door repair as soon as possible.

Like anything else in Newtown, PA homes, numerous factors that cause wear and damage as time goes on can impact your entryways. Some of these repairs can be challenging, but the good news is, with the help of a skilled handyman, you can get routine Newtown door repair taken care of year after year.

Our handyman professionals offer a wide range of Newtown door repair and installation services. Whether your bathroom door won't lock properly, or the screen on your front entryway is ripped, a Newtown handyman can efficiently and professionally fix the problem. Our team is proud to provide excellent repair and installation solutions, and is committed to outstanding customer service.

If you have broken doors that are beyond Newtown door repair and require installation services or have noticed a spot of wood rot on your front porch, we can help with those problems and dozens of other repairs and home improvements. Continue reading to learn more about the top Newtown door repair issues our team at Mr. Handyman of Newtown and Yardley can assist you with.

1. Irritating Noises

This is one of the most common Newtown door repair scenarios. Squeaking is a relatively easy fix. Whether the hinges need lubricating, are too tight, or are too loose, our carpenters can efficiently make the required repairs to reduce annoying noises. Our Newtown door repair team has the skills to replace damaged hinges, re-align the frame or make any other necessary adjustments.

2. Opening and Closing Issues

Opening and closing your entrances should be easy. Dealing with sticking entry doors is frustrating, but more importantly, it's incredibly unsafe. In the event of an emergency, such as a fire, you should be able to quickly exit your home. Problems with alignment could compromise this ability. A few reasons why your entryways may open and close incorrectly include:

  • Latches are misaligned

  • Hinges are too loose or tight

  • Panels have warped from humidity or insect damage

  • Latches are too high or low

  • Your home’s structural foundation has shifted, which has resulted in a warped jamb

When it comes to older homes that have more than a couple decades under their belts, there's sometimes a surprising cause to the problem of a sticking entry that can't be easily opened or closed. If the jamb, sill or slab itself (or all three) have been painted multiple times, the build-up of paint can actually interfere with the operation of the door. If it's grinding against the sill or jamb and you can see scratches or grooves in the paint, this is likely the cause. We'll handle Newtown door repair by removing the excess layers of paint and refinishing for a freshened appearance and increased ease of use.

3. Damage from Wear and Tear

There are multiple environmental factors in Newtown, PA that can damage both interior and exterior doors. Here are some of the ways wear and tear damage may affect your home and cause you to need Newtown door repair.


Normally your HVAC system should work to keep the humidity levels in your house down to a level that is comfortable for your family and protects elements of your home that can be damaged by excess moisture. But if your HVAC isn't functioning correctly or you keep it off during humid weather, the moisture in the air can condense on surfaces and seep into wood trim such as your entryway jambs, causing the timber to swell, warp and split. The same issue can occur to an interior entry with shower steam in a poorly ventilated bathroom, or be caused by moisture from a leaking roof or hidden plumbing leak. For exterior entryways, the moisture comes from rain and other harsh weather patterns.

Wood Rot

Speaking of damage from excess moisture, wood rot is among the most common and most troubling issues that can affect your entryway and require Newtown door repair from an experienced technician. Like the issues described above, it can occur to interior entries that are exposed to humidity or water, but it's far more likely to occur with exterior entryways that are constantly being battered with moisture from rain, snow melt and spillage from overflowing gutters. Here's what local homeowners need to know about wood rot repair.

Rotted wood on an old door can never be restored to the same solid, durable condition as before, so the best way to deal with it is to replace the affected piece of timber entirely. But if you find a couple of tiny patches of rot that are in the early stages of decay, we may be able to take care of it by scraping out the rotted parts and filling the holes with epoxy wood filler for an even surface, then painting over it so the repair is invisible.

Pet Damage

If you are a pet lover, you're probably well aware of the damage an anxious or poorly-behaved dog or cat can do to a door when it's closed and they want to get through. If you've got a cat who loves to scratch at your bedroom door to be let in, or a dog who uses your jambs as chew toys, you're definitely in need of Newtown door repair services. If it's just a few scuffs or small gouges we can likely handle it with refinishing, but more extensive damage will call for a new door replacement.


If you live with family members who like to slam a door shut with a resounding crash, you know how irritating the noise can be—but that additional wear and tear from rough treatment can also cause your entryway to need Newtown door repair services before its time. Slamming can cause impact damage to jambs and the slab or cause problems with the latching mechanism and hinges. It can even cause the entry to fall out of alignment. Like any other moving part in your house, it should be treated gently to keep it working smoothly.

A cracked door frame and the results of the door repairs completed by Mr. Handyman to fix the frame

4. Outdated Appearances

Does your existing door work fine, but you don't like its appearance? Do you wish you had a slab with windows, one without any glass at all? Sometimes updating your entries can elevate the entire appearance of your home. Perhaps you've always thought your entry's aesthetic to be out of date, or you're renovating your home. A few updates such as a change of color can make a world of difference, and you have many options to choose from. Whatever style and material you land on, your Newtown handyman is more than happy to update your old models.

Can Newtown Door Repair or Replacement Service Increase Property Value?

Absolutely! If you intend to list your property for sale in the near future, Newtown door repair or replacement is a good way to get a solid return on investment in the selling price. Prospective home buyers will be on the lookout for entryways in solid condition that will prevent heat transfer, and your entryways are the first point of contact for visitors to your home.

5. Loose, Tight, Rusty or Damaged Hinges

It's natural for hinges to wear down over time—especially when they are used frequently. If left unattended, a small amount of rust can cause significant corrosion. When this happens, it's possible the bracket may break off entirely. In severe cases, a corroded hinge may cause the panel to fall—as hinges are what holds the entire structure together. This could result in injury or damage to other parts of your home.

What Impacts Hinges in Newtown, NJ?

  • Humidity

  • Dust

  • Constant use

  • Fluctuating weather

  • Exposure to the elements

6. Misaligned Wheels

If your Newtown home has sliding doors, they might need to be repaired from time to time as well. Sliding models are commonly used for closets, sliding glass patio entries, screens and even in the shower. A common issue for this entryway model is misaligned wheels. Improperly aligned wheels and other issues with the track means the sliding door will stick and have trouble opening and closing. This can make it frustrating, if not impossible, to use. Instead of struggling with an entry that won't slide properly, call our highly trained and versatile technicians. Our team will carefully replace or realign wheels and tracks, so they work smoothly.

7. Inoperable Knobs

Having trouble locking up? When your knob can’t lock, won't turn, sticks, or doesn’t line up with the latch, it’s time for a replacement. Our experienced Newtown door repair experts will let you know why your handle is not working properly, be transparent about your options to fix it, and efficiently fix the problem.

How Can Newtown Door Repair Make an Entry More Accessible?

If home accessibility is a concern for you or a loved one with reduced mobility or issues such as arthritis that make it difficult—or nearly impossible—to grasp and turn a round knob, our Newtown door repair professionals can help. While round knobs do look nice, levered handles are much easier to grab—especially for those with reduced dexterity. They can simply be pushed down to unlatch the door, which makes getting in and out a simple thing instead of a painful ordeal.That small modification offers increased independence and safety, especially in the event of an emergency such as a house fire where everyone needs to be able to vacate the premises quickly.

Or, do you want an automatic door opener to make life even easier? An automatic door that opens with the push of a button will make life easier too, especially for those who use wheelchairs or assistive walking devices. If your automatic door isn’t working right, our team can also help with door opener repair. No matter what you require, our team is ready to provide advice and services to ensure that your home always meets your accessibility needs.

8. Unattractive Knobs

Do you simply want newer replacements for your older, unattractive doorknobs? We’ll help with that too. Replacing unattractive knobs is a great way to make your home look more modern. With our skills and experience, we’ll help you choose replacements that look great and work well. Whether you just want to replace your front doorknob or include replacement as part of a larger project, like bathroom remodeling, we’re here to help.

9. The Latch Does Not Work

Locking is a key concern for both interior and exterior Newtown door service. It helps keep your home safe and provides privacy while using rooms like the bathroom. It can be frustrating when a latch fails you, and more importantly, can leave your home vulnerable to break-ins.

If your latch doesn't work correctly, it's most likely that the frame is twisted and the latch bore (the small hole opposite the lock that connects with the latch) can't line up correctly. Since it won't line up properly, the lock will be practically useless.

10. Damage Beyond Repair

Sometimes, an accident like a car going through the front of your home, a bad flood or a serious storm sending branches through the window in your door and wrecking the slab may mean you need door installation services, as your entryway is damaged beyond repair. When disaster strikes, our handyman team will make it right. Our Newtown door repair service professionals have the skills, work-ethic, and tools needed to efficiently install something new for your home.

Count on Our Expert Technicians For Newtown Door Repair and Installation

When you need Newtown door repair, we’re the team for the task. Whether your screen has torn, your double doors aren't aligned properly or the bathroom won't lock correctly, we can take care of it. The experienced technicians at Mr. Handyman of Newtown and Yardley have years of experience serving Newtown, PA and other communities with quality handyman service, including in Yardley, Richboro, and Southampton.

There's no job either too big or too small for us to handle! We’ll take care of everything from bathroom remodeling to drywall repair. Our goal is to give peace of mind by providing high-quality service, whether through minor repairs or major renovation projects. Having satisfied customers is our top priority.

To book an appointment for door service with our team of service professionals, we invite you to call our friendly team. We look forward to hearing from you and helping with your next project!

A new storm door installed on the front of a house by the technicians at Mr. Handyman.