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Do you want to improve the appearance of your living space? Mr. Handyman of Northwest Houston and Jersey Village offers high-quality carpentry services that can transform any room into something spectacular. Our expert artisans have the skill and knowledge to turn your vision into a reality, from major renovations to minor changes. You will only find a better job here.

Why choose the carpentry experts at Mr. Handyman of NW Houston and Jersey Village?

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Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and exceeding expectations with every job we complete. We use high-quality materials and follow all industry standards to ensure a flawless finish every time, giving you long-term peace of mind no matter what restoration or repair you need.

Our Carpentry Services

Crown Molding Installation & Repair

Crown molding elevates the look of any room. It is a decorative element that connects the wall and ceiling, creating a smooth and seamless transition. Crown molding installation requires precision and skill; only a skilled carpenter can ensure your project is completed correctly. If you already have crown molding that needs to be repaired or replaced, a carpenter can help.

Custom Shelving & Bookcases

Custom shelving and bookcases are ideal for adding storage and aesthetic value to any room. Custom cabinets and bookcases can fit your exact room dimensions and include unique features such as lighting, glass doors, and decorative moldings. They can be designed to blend in with existing furnishings or to stand out as a one-of-a-kind statement piece.

Custom Cabinets & Mantels

Custom cabinets are an excellent addition to any room in the house. They not only add storage and functionality to your home, but they can also significantly improve its overall appearance. A custom cabinet can be designed to fit any available space and include unique design elements that complement the overall style of your home. Similarly, custom fireplace mantels and surrounds can make any living room stand out.

Custom Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds

Custom fireplace mantels and surrounds can make your heart the center of attention in any room. A skilled carpenter can create a custom mantel that instantly elevates the ambiance of your living space, from modern to traditional designs. You can achieve the exact look and feel you desire with customizable options such as wood species, finish, and adornments. 


Countertops are an essential part of any kitchen or bathroom. They not only serve as functional work surfaces, but they also significantly contribute to the overall aesthetic of the room. Granite, quartz, and wood are among the many materials available. A carpenter can help you choose the best material for your needs and budget and design your countertops to fit the exact dimensions of your space.

FAQs about our Spring Valley Carpentry Services

What types of carpentry services do you provide?

We offer custom furniture construction, cabinetry installation and repair, trim and molding installation, door and window installation, deck construction and repair, and general woodworking projects. Our skilled carpenters can complete various tasks to meet your exact specifications.

What is the timeline for completing a carpentry project?

The length of a carpentry project is determined by the job's complexity, size, and specific requirements. We provide an estimated timeline during the consultation phase, considering material availability and design complexity. We worked quickly to complete the project within the timeframe that was agreed upon.

Do you offer any warranties or guarantees for your carpentry work?

Yes! You can trust Mr. Handyman to finish the job right the first time. We back up our work with the Done Right Promise. If your service still needs to be done correctly, we promise to make it right. We will make it right if you contact Mr. Handyman of NW Houston and Jersey Village within one year of the service. Mr. Handyman will complete any project to perfection.

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