Warning Signs You Need West Palm Beach Exterior Door Repair

A handyman lining up a new hinge on the side of a door slab during an appointment for door repairs.

If your home is your castle, your exterior doors are the drawbridge. They serve as the first point of contact for visitors and create that all-important first impression, so they have a big impact on your home's curb appeal. But your exterior doors do so much more than just look pretty. They protect your home against everything from heat transfer and air infiltration to wildlife attacks and home intruders—and take a significant amount of abuse in the process. That’s why it’s important to fix any damage with prompt service for West Palm Beach exterior door repair.

When your entry doors have suffered sudden damage or have just slowly deteriorated due to wear and tear, your house is vulnerable to all sorts of nasty consequences that can cause serious damage and make your home a lot less comfortable, safe, and efficient. The problem is, these issues often start small and worsen over time so homeowners often don't realize how bad it's getting until the point where it's gotten so bad it can't be ignored. If you know the signs that your house needs West Palm Beach exterior door repair services, you can get the help you need from a qualified handyman before it's too late.

If you notice some of the warning signs we've listed below, rely on your local West Palm Beach handyman to get it fixed up quickly and correctly, so you can get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your house is protected and functioning properly. The team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman Serving South Palm Beach have the experience to take care of everything from a minor door tune-up to a complete replacement or new installation. We focus on delivering the best workmanship and customer service on every job to ensure you're 100% satisfied with your finished project.

Difficult to Open or Close

Your entryway's main job is to stay closed when you want it closed and open when you want it open, so if you can't even get it to do that much without difficulty, something is clearly wrong. This problem could be due to the house shifting and settling over time, which can warp the jambs or sill and cause the entry to not fit properly anymore. It could also be damage to the slab or hinges that is causing it to scrape the floor. Our West Palm Beach exterior door repair experts can find out what's happening and correct it or install a new package that swings open and shut perfectly.

Rotten Wood

Wooden doors are classic, beautiful, and full of natural charm, but they do have one major weakness: a vulnerability to wood rot. In fact, any timber that is on the outside of your house and exposed to the elements is susceptible to rotting because wood rot is a type of decay that affects timber with high moisture content. It causes wood to weaken and crumble apart, and it can spread to other parts of your house. There's no way to restore rotted wood to its previous condition, so replacing it is usually a better option than attempting repairs. But if there are only a couple minor patches of damage, we may be able to take care of West Palm Beach exterior door repair by scraping out the rotten parts, filling the holes with epoxy wood filler, and then painting over it so the repair is invisible.

Creaky, Loose Hinges

Does your entry groan and creak when you open it or wobble on its hinges? This is a clear sign you need West Palm Beach exterior door repair. Your handyman may be able to get it working smoothly and silently again by tightening up your hinges and adding some metal lubricant. If your hinges are damaged, then it may be possible to replace just the hinges, but if the material on your slab and jamb that your hinges screw into has deteriorated, a replacement will likely be the most cost-effective choice.

Entryway is Misaligned

Entries of all types can become misaligned, but this problem is most common and very annoying when it occurs with double entries like garden or French doors that meet and latch in the middle. When they're misaligned, they don't meet in the middle and you can't get them to close properly, which is obviously a problem for home security, insect infestations, and many more reasons. This is often a problem from the start because of a poorly-done installation. Your local West Palm Beach exterior door repair handyman can fix everything up so your doors meet perfectly in the middle and your latch can click shut.

Foggy or Misty Glass

Do you have a sliding glass door, or a hinged door with a window set in it, that has become foggy looking due to condensation trapped between panes of glass? This happens when the seal that holds the panes together is broken and moisture is able to seep in. It makes your home less energy efficient and spoils both the view through the entryway and the appearance of the door itself. In this case, West Palm Beach exterior door repair is not going to be as effective or long-lasting as you'd hope, and it'll be more cost-effective to replace the entire package.

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