Fascia Board Repair in Boynton Beach, FL: When to Call a Professional

Fascia Board Repair in Boynton Beach
Your home is undoubtedly one of your biggest investments and keeping it in good condition is important. The fascia board (the board that runs along the edge of your roof) is one part of your home that you may not think about often. But it holds so much importance to the structure of your home. This board serves as a decorative covering for your home's exterior. Also, it protects against water damage and pests like termites and carpenter ants that can come through cracks in your exterior walls. It’s important to keep an eye on your fascia board and look for signs that it may need to be repaired. A home's fascia board is an important part of the building structure.

Signs it's time to repair your fascia board in Boynton Beach, FL

When you need to repair or replace your fascia board, it's time to call in the professionals! They'll have the skills needed to improve your home's energy efficiency by sealing any gaps between materials before they become major problems.

If you notice any of these conditions, it's time to repair or replace your fascia board:

Peeling paint

If you have peeling paint on your fascia boards in Boynton Beach, FL, this can signify that the boards need to be replaced. The peeling paint can indicate moisture is getting into the board, which can cause rot and decay over time. If this happens, the board will become weak and eventually fall off the house altogether.

Leaking or unsupported gutters

When gutters aren't installed properly, or the fascia board isn't strong enough to support them, they often overflow and cause water damage inside the house. Similarly, Fascia boards are made of wood, but they can become warped due to age or damage from weather conditions such as heavy winds or hurricanes. When this happens, it can cause leaks in your roofing system. If you have a warped fascia board, it’s time to repair it before the problem worsens.

Pest infestation

If you live in Boynton Beach, Fl, bugs and other pests will be a common problem. This applies to your fascia board as well.

If you find that your home has been invaded by pests like termites, ants, or rodents, it could be a sign that the fascia board needs to be repaired. There are several reasons why your fascia may be allowing pests into your home:

  • The fascia is rotted and soft. If there are holes in the fascia, it will be easy for pests to get inside. They can also make nests out of the wood if they have no other place to stay.
  • The fascia is damaged or warped. If your fascia board isn't straight and level anymore, it will let in water through leaky roof shingles. This will also cause mold growth on your roof decking and rotting of any wood underneath the shingles.

Moisture infiltration

If you notice moisture in your home, especially along the floors and walls, it may be due to water infiltration from the roof or siding. This can happen when the fascia board is damaged and cannot properly divert rainwater away from your home.

Ventilation problems

If you notice issues with ventilation in your home, this could indicate that something is wrong with your fascia board. Ventilation is important because it helps to keep moisture out of the house while allowing fresh air inside. When this isn't working properly, it can cause problems such as mold growth or even structural damage. This can be difficult and expensive to fix if left untreated for too long, so it's always best to call on professional help if you think something might be wrong with your fascia board in Boynton Beach, FL!

Strange noises

If you hear strange noises from your fascia board, you should contact a professional immediately. Your fascia board comprises different materials that can expand and contract at different rates depending on the weather conditions. This can lead to cracks or other damage that might not be immediately noticeable. If you notice these sounds, call your contractor for an inspection right away.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fascia Boards

How long does the fascia board usually last?

Fence boards can last for 10 years or more, depending on the quality of the wood and how well you take care of it.

How long does it take to replace fascia boards?

Fitting a new fascia can be done in 1-2 days. The length of time will depend on the complexity of the design and how quickly the professional can work.

What is the cost of fascia board repair?

In general, the price of fascia board repair and replacement will vary from $1500 to $5000, depending on the size and complexity of your home.

Why you should consider working with a professional for your fascia board repair and replacement in Boynton Beach, FL

Fascia boards are a major part of your roof, so if they're not working properly or need to be replaced, you'll want to hire a professional.

Fascia board repair is a complicated process that requires specialized tools and skills to ensure the job is done right. It can also be dangerous—falling off a ladder or being hit by debris can cause serious injury or even death.

Because these projects require extensive knowledge and experience, hiring someone trained in doing the work correctly will save you time and money in the long run—and possibly even protect your family's health! Also, you always want to hire someone who is insured as this can be a dangerous task and you don’t want to be liable if something were to happen to them.


If you're experiencing any of the signs above in your home in Boynton Beach, it's time to call a professional. A licensed, insured and trained technician can assess your situation and give you an honest opinion on what needs to be done. Mr. Handyman is always here to help you with all your fascia board repair needs!