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A handyman using a screwdriver to attach a hinge to a door slab while providing door installation service.

Door Installation in Vancouver, WA: When to Replace Your Doors

When it comes to home maintenance and repair, the interior and exterior doors of your home are probably one of the last things on your mind. Most in Vancouver, Washington, think that as long as it opens and shuts, they're good to go. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as that.

Like other home maintenance and remodeling projects, Vancouver door installation services can improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your home. Panels that need to be repaired or replaced could also be driving up your energy bill and compromising your safety, making upgrading them a top priority.

To get a door in your home repaired and replaced, contact a Vancouver handyman company. Mr. Handyman of Vancouver, Camas, and Ridgefield has you covered for all your installation needs and much more. As a Neighborly company, we pride ourselves on our values of customer focus, integrity, respect, and competitive prices. In this article, we'll help you figure out whether it's time to get those old panels replaced, as well as give you some great ideas for replacement options.

When It’s Time to Hire a Handyman for Vancouver Door Installation

One of the most used parts of your home is your entryways. Whether they separate interior rooms or the inside of your home from the outside world, they are opened and closed multiple times each day. With so much use, they eventually become worn out and in need of replacing. So how do you know when it's time to make a Google search for "door installation Vancouver WA" and get a professional installer in to make the upgrade?

Lack of Functionality

Are you having difficulty locking, opening, and closing your entryway? This is usually a sign that it's time to look for Vancouver door installation services.

Sometimes, these issues can be repaired instead of requiring the entire panel to be replaced. However, regular maintenance isn’t always enough. If it's sticking now, chances are you’ll need to pay to get a contractor in to maintain it again down the road. You may also find yourself in need of pricey locksmith services. The simplest and most cost-effective option may be to replace the old panel with a new one.

Feeling Drafty

The winter months in the Vancouver, WA area can be chilly. Not only is the average winter temperature approximately 46°F in December and January, but a mix of rain and snow bumps up the humidity, making it feel even colder. If you’re accustomed to cranking up the heat in your home this time of year, you’ll want to ensure that your heating system is as energy-efficient as possible.

A heating system’s efficiency is only as good as a building’s insulation. Older wood panels may not seal as well, causing that precious warm air to escape and that chilly outside air to seep into the home. A draft can therefore result in higher energy bills. You could actually save money in the long run with a Vancouver door installation service.

Signs of Damage

If your entries are damaged, they may present health and safety concerns. Those made from wood, in particular, are susceptible to damage due to their inability to withstand force and vulnerability to warping. Some common indications of damage include:

  • Insect activity
  • Cracks
  • Light shining between the panel and the frame
  • Rust
  • Presence of fungus

When entryways lose their structural integrity, it becomes easier for thieves to enter your home. Protect you and your family by hiring Vancouver door installation and repair experts like the team at Mr. Handyman.

Outdated Style

With the decision to hire someone for door installation in Vancouver, WA, homeowners don't need their handyman to be utilitarian. Wanting to upgrade your entryways to match a specific interior design style is also reason enough. A great-looking home is all in the details—and your entryway style is one of them.

With so many different materials and designs on the market today, you'll have no trouble finding a new door that is not only beautiful but functional as well. On the rare chance that you can't find exactly what you're looking for, a custom installation is an option too!

Door Installation Vancouver WA: Door Ideas for Your Home

With so many different styles on the market today, Vancouver door installation can be an exciting endeavor. Sometimes classic and simple is best, while other times, adding something a little more out-of-the-box, like a sliding barn-style panel, can elevate your home aesthetic. Below are some of the most popular styles for interior, exterior, and custom entries.

Interior Door Installation

  • French Doors: For a touch of elegance, French-style entries are a great option. Commonly used to separate interior rooms, this style is composed of two panels that swing out towards the frame from the center. Traditionally, French entryways were made of glass panels and wood. They first came on the scene in France in the 17th century to improve natural light in interior rooms in the absence of electricity. For a more open concept feel in your own home, they are a great way to open up conjoining rooms with walls that provide structural support. If you prefer the look of a more modern style, panels made of galvanized steel do the trick.
  • Barn Doors: These are rustic statement pieces that also save space. As a type of sliding entry, barn-style entryways are attached to the wall above the opening using a mounted track. Panels usually come in various types of wood and wood grain designs, but frosted glass is also an option for a more modern feel.
  • Pocket Doors: These are another type of space-saving sliding entryway. Instead of sliding across the surface of a wall, pocket entries slide into the frame and out of sight. These are a great solution for small rooms like powder rooms, laundry rooms, and closets. You don't have to worry about your furniture getting in the way with a pocket entry.
  • Bifold Doors: These accordion-style entries are a great option for closet spaces. Though they take up a little more room than pocket-style panels, they’re still a great space-saving option. This style comes in a wide range of designs and materials to suit every type of decor aesthetic.

Exterior Door Installation

  • Front Doors: The front, back, and every other type of entryway panels are the most important ones in your home. They protect you and the contents of your home from break-ins and keep the elements out. Material options for exterior panels range in durability and price. The most affordable options will be steel and fiberglass, while wood and iron tend to cost a little more.
  • Patio Doors: Unlike others in the home, patio entries are usually made entirely of glass. This can pose problems for security and energy efficiency, so make sure you choose a high-quality option. Quality products will allow you to feel secure while also providing a great view of your yard. Look for products that offer a lifetime warranty rather than a limited warranty.
  • Screen Doors: When investing in front and patio entry installation, consider putting in screens as well. A screen allows you to enjoy the sweet, fresh summer air while keeping out all the creepy crawlies that come along with it. Another option is a storm door, which is made of heavy-duty steel or aluminum and comes with a built-in screen.

Custom Door Installation

Is nothing at the hardware store quite tickling your fancy? Consider custom design and installation services. While this will cost you a little more than a pre-made option, it will also allow you to design the entryway of your dreams. This may be the only option available to you if you live in a custom-built home with a unique shape and style. Residents of Hobbiton aren’t likely to find a replacement at their local construction store.

Top Tips and Tricks for Vancouver Door Installation

Ensure the Style Works in the Space

As stunning as those reclaimed wood sliding barn-style panels are, if you live in an ultra-modern home with lots of glass, shiny stone, and steel, it probably just won't work. Your doors should fill a support role in the overall feel and functionality of your home—not stick out like a sore thumb.

A great way to figure out if a particular style will work in your home is to search for the “door style + ideas” in Google Images. Look for photos with interior designs similar to your own, and if you can’t find any, that might be an indication that it isn’t the best fit.

Not sure what to choose? Your skilled and experienced handyman can also provide you with an assessment and make Vancouver door installation recommendations accordingly.

Use Pre-Hung Options for DIY Projects

Door installation in Vancouver, WA, is one area of home improvement that we generally don't recommend for non-experienced DIYers. This is because building frames and attaching hinges requires a high level of precision. Many homes are also not completely level, so building a frame based on 90-degree angles just won't work.

If you're determined to install your newly purchased panels on your own, using pre-hung entries will give you the best chance of achieving proper door installation. Vancouver, WA, property owners with DIY skills could easily accomplish a successful installation with two people. Though these types are more expensive than a basic slab, pre-hung styles come with hinges, a pre-cut frame, and a pre-cut hole for the doorknob.

Already have a frame? Your best bet is to go with a slab door. Our professional Vancouver handyman team has years of experience in the industry, making them experts at Vancouver door installation. We’ll take over the headache of all the measuring and troubleshooting for you.

Give Yourself Lots of Time

If you’re determined to DIY your own Vancouver door installation, make sure you give yourself ample time to complete the project. While we hope it goes off without a hitch, we know that, realistically, many people tend to run into obstacles and setbacks when it comes to installation.

If you want your new panel installed quickly, efficiently, and to a high standard, contact your local Vancouver handyman. We're proud to offer a quick response time so that we can be available in emergency situations.

Know Your Limits

While YouTube installation guides can help with a lot of DIY projects these days, it's also important to recognize your limits. Improper installation can cause drafts, noises, and reduce the longevity of your new entry. Panels can also be incredibly heavy—think anywhere from 50 to 200 pounds—making them a safety hazard. You don't want to throw out your back or crush a finger beneath a heavy slab.

If you feel confident installing your new slab yourself, all the power to you! However, if you’re feeling any degree of hesitancy, contact our Vancouver door installation experts at Mr. Handyman.

Door Installation Vancouver, WA: Mr. Handyman is Here to Help!

Since opening our first location in 1996, Mr. Handyman has expanded our services to almost 200 locations across the United States and Canada. By following national standards for reliable and professional home repair and remodeling services, our locally-operated franchise of Mr. Handyman of Vancouver, Camas and Ridgefield are proud to offer one of the leading installation services in the area.

No matter how complicated your Vancouver door installation project seems, our service technicians have the experience and expertise to get the job done. Our team has an average of 10 years of experience in all areas of home improvement services—no project is too big for us! Whether you're in Vancouver or nearby communities, such as Brush Prairie, Washougal, or Battle Ground, we are at your disposal! We also offer the Neighborly Done Right Promise, which guarantees the quality of our workmanship. If the job isn’t done right, we’ll make it right.

Are you ready to replace that old, squeaky, and drafty slab of wood with the brand-new door of your dreams? Contact Mr. Handyman of Vancouver, Camas, and Ridgefield by phone at 360-719-4128 to request more information or schedule an appointment today! We handle everything from door repair and installation to larger remodeling projects.