The Clear Facts about Home Window Installation in Arlington

Do you have window problems? Do you wish you had better views of Arlington? There are many reasons why people consider Arlington window installation services. When it comes to daily life, the glass that separates us from the outdoors has a lot of important jobs. Failing in any of those roles might be a reason to consider getting replacement windows.

Few people think about the glass viewpoints in their homes and the surrounding frames as they look through them, until those subtle features become glaring problems. Remodeling projects also tend to spark deeper reflection about the things people look through in the rooms they're renovating. Whether you're suffering from problematic frame damage or thinking about adding energy efficient windows to an ongoing remodeling project, there are important details that you need to know before you get started with Arlington window installation.

As your local home repair, maintenance, and remodeling experts, Mr. Handyman of Arlington, Mansfield and Grapevine is here to provide all the essential information you need about Arlington window installation. Once you're satisfied that you've made a great choice, we also have the skills, experience, and tools required to help you complete your next installation project.

Should You Get Arlington Window Installation Service?

Not all problems need to be solved with window installation. Many issues only require repairs from a qualified expert. Of course, if your situation is more related to dissatisfaction with the way your glass panes or frames look, or their Energy Star rating, then replacement is the ideal choice. However, some issues with the way they work or with their frame could be solved with repairs. It's important that you know the differences between issues that indicate you need window repair or replacement services.

Signs That You Need Replacement Windows:

  • Chipped or faded surfaces

  • Moisture buildup on panes

  • Cold glass in dual pane models

  • Condensation trapped between the glass

  • Poor noise cancellation

  • Higher energy bills

  • Damage so severe that repairs would be far too expensive

Prefab Vs. Custom Window Installation

When Arlington homeowners ask service professionals for window installation or replacement, what they're usually asking for is to have their existing models replaced with prefabricated replacements. However, that's not the only option. Custom construction is also available from some companies.

What's the Difference?

Prefab (prefabricated) units come with the glass already inserted into a pre-built frame. A handyman only has to insert the entire unit into the space of your old frame, ensuring that the new frame structure is properly insulated and secured.

Custom Arlington window installation involves creating entirely new window frames from scratch and inserting glass as part of that construction process. It could involve working with a separate window company for glass, and not all handyman service providers will offer custom installation service.

Pros and Cons

Using a prefab model saves time and is generally less costly than custom installation or replacement services. The major benefits of choosing custom replacement or installation are the increased avenues for personal customization and the ability to recover unique glass panels from older, historic homes.

Prefab is a superior choice for many Arlington homeowners, but you may want to consider the alternatives if you live in a historic home with specific remodeling criteria or if you want something more personal and unique for your home.

Key Arlington Window Installation Details to Consider

Frame Materials

The most obvious reason to think about which frame material you want is the aesthetic impact, but your frame will also affect the energy efficiency of your home. The specific weather and temperature resistances of frame materials will alter the efficiency factor of your entire unit. Consider your choices carefully. Each option comes with specific advantages and disadvantages.

Common Frame Materials in Arlington:

  • Aluminum/Metal: This is a great choice for its relative strength and durability. You'll have few maintenance requirements with metal, but you'll also find that there are specific issues related to metal's poor insulation capabilities. Metal frames often require an additional thermal break (a plastic insulating strip) which could affect your installation costs.

  • Fiberglass: If you want extra insulation, fiberglass is a great choice. There are air pockets in fiberglass frames for adding extra insulation, which could help increase your energy efficiency (and your energy savings).

  • Wood: For a traditional look with intermediate insulation capabilities, wood is a fine choice. Unfortunately, wood has greater maintenance requirements than many other materials—and it’s vulnerable to wood rot. It's possible to reduce maintenance requirements with aluminum or vinyl protection, but that cladding could also make those frames less energy efficient.

  • Composite Wood: This is another option for getting the traditional look of wood with less of the pesky maintenance requirements. Composite is made of wood products mixed with plastic. The result of that process is a material with similar insulation properties but greater resistance against moisture and pests.

  • Vinyl: This is the common choice for affordability in Arlington, and it's a great option for any home. Vinyl keeps temperatures regulated. It's also more durable than other options and its color is part of the actual material, so you don't have to worry about peeling paint or many other types of basic exterior and interior trim repairs.


Have you considered all the different window styles available for Arlington homeowners, and all the problems you could solve by including the right type in your future home remodeling plans? This is more than just getting a great view and superior protection against outdoor elements in Arlington.

Do you know the difference between a picture and a casement window? Different types and styles have different purposes. Consider which problems led you to get installation services in the first place. As you focus on the purpose of your new window project, consider which of the common styles in Arlington will work best for meeting your needs.

Potential Styles for Arlington Homes:

  • Egress: This is one of two common types in Arlington. Egress windows are meant to provide an exit point during emergencies. As such, they open and close for people and objects to pass through. They're commonly found in basements, kitchens, and bedrooms. Many other styles fall under the umbrella of egress, such as casement, sliding, and double-hung windows.

  • Picture: This is the other most common type in Arlington, and it's the exact opposite of its partner. Picture windows are named after the excellent views they offer. They let in plenty of light and fantastic scenery, but they don't let in fresh air, and they generally don't open. They also have tight seals that offer greater temperature control, which makes them a great choice for energy efficient windows.

  • Bay: This is a more common choice for homes in Arlington that face amazing views. Bay windows jut out from the sides of houses and offer sweeping, panoramic views of their surroundings. They have the effect of opening-up a room and increasing floor space, but all that extra space for hot sunlight could also have a negative effect on your AC performance. It's also not possible to install them on all types of homes in Arlington.

  • Skylights: Do you want more light in your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen but you don't have enough wall space for a new installation? A skylight could be the answer you're looking for. When created and installed correctly, skylights add incredible amounts of light. They're especially great for rooms where privacy is a key concern.

Do You Want Professional Arlington Window Installation Services?

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