How To Tell If You Need Arlington Window Repair Or Replacement In Your Home

A handyman using a screwdriver to complete Arlington window repairs on a window frame.
Windows are among the finest features of homes in Arlington. They let in natural light and fresh breezes, contribute to your home’s comfort and style, and are perfect for gazing out while daydreaming—or checking up on what's going on in your neighborhood. While they're definitely indispensable, they can also cause big issues for homeowners when they develop issues that require Arlington window repair.

If you've ever watched in horror at the sight of a foreign object contacting and shattering the glass in one of your windows, you know there's no hope in getting those pieces back together—it needs to be replaced. But do they always need replacement? When is a repair job the right solution? We'll cover common situations in which you can rely on professional window repair in Arlington, TX, along with signs that it needs replacing.

Whether you need repairs or replacement, you can count on your experienced local Arlington handyman to get the job done right. From vinyl windows to glass doors, our team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Arlington, Mansfield and Grapevine has decades of experience with all types of home repairs and improvement in Arlington-area homes.

What Are The Common Types Of Windows in Arlington, TX?

These days, there is a lot of advanced technology used to improve energy efficiency and create safer windows in Arlington, resulting in many different types and styles, like double-pane units filled with insulating gasses. It can be helpful to know about the common types and varieties used today, so that you can better understand your needs for repairs or replacement.

Double-Pane Or Double-Glazed:

These models utilize insulated glass units (IGU) made of two glass sheets in the form of a sandwich, with air trapped between in a sealed space. Some types have non-reactive gasses like argon, krypton or xenon that help resist energy transfer. Because that gas is denser than air in nature, it functions as a better and more effective insulation system, which also means that those types are more expensive.

Before this gem hit the market, older homes in the early 1900s were equipped with single-paned windows that were less efficient and needed more repairs. Certain parts of the country that experience extreme weather conditions even have triple-pane to further gear up for insulation and protection purposes, even in Arlington, TX.

Thermopane Glass (Low-E Glaze)

Thermopane glass has a low-e coating designed to minimize the risk of UV and infrared light from causing harm to your furniture, floors and other materials in Arlington.  

Other Glass Materials

  • Annealed glass: This material is one of the most standard types of glass you will find in many homes. Although thermally-treated, it’s considered softer by nature
  • Toughened or tempered glass: The manufacturing process of this type includes extreme heating and fast cooling. In modern days, people refer to it as safety glass because, unlike breathing into jagged shards, tempered glass breaks into small cubes.
  • Laminated safety glass: This is a blend of annealed and vinyl where you simply apply two layers of annealed material on top of a vinyl layer. It’s designed to keep shards from scattering if the glass breaks. 

We understand that choosing the right material and identifying what you have already isn’t always easy. Your local pros at Mr. Handyman of Arlington, Mansfield and Grapevine are window experts and can help answer any questions that you may have. Why not schedule an inspection service to see whether you need Arlington window repair? If you’re experiencing air leaks but can’t find out why, we’ll be more than happy to find out for you.

Common Issues You Can Solve With Professional Arlington Window Repair

Historically, the general practice was to remove and replace most windows that had suffered any kind of damage, especially those with wooden window frames. But more recently the approach has shifted somewhat as homeowners search for ways to reduce costs and preserve their home’s unique or custom features.

Sometimes there's no getting around a replacement. And other times, repair is the best option. Read on to discover common problems that can be solved with window repairs! Arlington, TX homeowners can use this guide as a means to identify any issues they might have.

Chipped or Peeling Paint

When your paint or wood stain is chipping and peeling away around your frames, muntins and mullions, it's obviously unsightly—but it also leaves the wood underneath vulnerable to a whole host of more serious issues, such as wood rot. Your local handyman will carefully sand away any old paint or stain, smoothing off any splinters in the process and refinish your frame with new paint or stain and a coating of sealant to minimize the need for window repair in Arlington, TX.

Rotted Wood

Wood rot is decay caused by wood-eating fungi requiring a high moisture content to develop. In other words, wooden frames in Arlington are particularly susceptible to rotting. If you think there's a patch of rotted wood near your windows, take a screwdriver and press it down onto the suspicious area. If it sinks right in with little or no resistance, you've got wood rot. Similar to the previous point, a lack of maintenance (painting, sealing, etc.) will lead to decay.

While your handyman might not need to replace the glass, they'll likely need to replace the rotted wood. For smaller areas of rot, especially where it would be prohibitively difficult to remove the entire piece of wood, rotted bits can be scraped out and filled in with epoxy.

Broken Muntins And Mullions

Muntins and mullions are those little strips of material, usually made of wood, that separate small panes of glass within the larger frame. Sometimes they separate glass, and other times they're "faux" muntins or mullions that are bonded to one large piece of glass to give it a divided look.

Regardless of whether they are real or not, if they have peeling paint, chips, dents or some other unattractive deformity, some minor repair will suffice to fix them without replacing the whole sheet of glass.

Difficult to Open and Close

Being able to open your windows easily is great when you want some fresh air, but it's also a safety measure in case you need an emergency exit. Fortunately, this is something that we can repair without requiring a new pane. The type of repair depends on what's causing the difficulty, but some possible reasons for a sticky window in Arlington are:

  • Rusty or loose hinges and springs
  • Too many layers of paint built up over time
  • Settling of the house has caused the frame to warp
  • The opening mechanism has come off its track

Degraded Exterior Casing

When the exterior casing of your windows is damaged, loose or missing altogether, it diminishes your curb appeal and leaves the interior of your home vulnerable to damage. If you need to fix that, you can rely on your local handyman for efficient, residential window repair. Arlington, TX property owners should take immediate action for these problems, before the unit starts to deteriorate further because it’s missing the required protection of a good casing. Our window repair experts will be able to repair your casing safely and effectively.

Signs You Need Window Replacement

Arlington window repair is only an option if the window is still intact. If the glass is broken, you’ll need glass replacement service rather than repairs. There are issues other than broken glass that could require a replacement window instead of repairs too. Most of them have to do with a window that is not able to lock cold air and moisture out of your house in Arlington, and while it's unpleasant to shiver away in a home that should be warm, it's even worse to see your energy costs inflated by a broken window. On the upside, this is the perfect opportunity to install modern, energy-efficient windows that can help save money. 

Some possible signs that you need replacement window installation service in your Arlington home are:

  • An excessively high energy bill
  • Drafts coming from the area (air leaks)
  • Glass in dual-pane units is cold to the touch
  • Fog caused by condensation trapped between panes is visible
  • Glass is scratched or warped
  • Insects are finding a way in through the frame
  • Damage so extensive that a replacement would be more cost effective than a repair
  • Noise travels through the glass very easily, to the point that outside noises can disturb you while you are inside
  • You want to change up the style to boost your curb appeal and Arlington home value

Arlington Window Repair FAQs

Arlington, TX property owners want their homes to be in top condition, and that includes having healthy windows that protect you from exterior forces, air leaks and UV rays. If you didn’t have a good experience with a contracted window repair service in the past, you can rest assured that your handyman is here to listen to your problems. Our excellent customer service team has compiled an FAQ for anyone that has experienced the same issue and is seeking the right service and answers. 

What Does A Fogged Window Mean?

Wondering why you have foggy windows? If the double-glazed window in your Arlington home, or the glass in your door, was working fine before and you only recently noticed the fog buildup, it has likely reached its maximum lifespan and is starting to deteriorate. If you live in a flood-prone area that has heavy rains, the seals around your IGU will eventually decline due to frequent exposure to moisture. When that happens, outside air and condensation will enter through the seal, creating that foggy effect. In many cases, foggy window repair requires replacing the entire glass unit.

What Is R-Value?

R-Value is used to measure a material's heat resistance. While double-glazed models provide a high R-value of 3, those with a low-e coating can have up to 3.8. Of course, nothing beats triple-glazed types that have 7 or 8. That’s when you don’t ever have to worry about heat transfer. It’s important to note that R-value rates how ideal heat resistance is, whereas U-value measures the loss or gain of heat through heat transfer.

Do I Need Arlington Window Repair If Water Is Leaking Through?

You will risk compromising your home’s insulation and interior without window repair. Arlington, TX homes that have this problem could also fall victim to wood rot. There are many reasons why you could be experiencing a leak. Check whether the caulk or seals have cracked. If it’s leaking from the top, you might have a badly installed house wrap, which could happen if you recently had your siding renewed. Bottom leaks could signify clogged drain holes on the metal frame or a damaged sill pan. If water is leaking between the panes, you may have a deteriorated glass seal. 

What Does Ice on My Kitchen Window Mean?

This is common in the midst of winter if you find yourself cooking and creating a lot of condensation in the kitchen area. Ice can form from an excess of vapor in the air because it gets in contact with the cold air. Although not a serious sign of concern, it does indicate that the insulation or seals are deteriorating, and it’s best to have it checked out by your local handyman.

Count on Your Handyman for Arlington Window Repair and Replacement Services!

Whether you need Arlington window repair, replacement service, help with fixing the frame around your door glass, or other window services, that's a job for a true professional. Our team has the expertise and know-how to help you create a safer environment and make it look more beautiful and inviting for your guests.

Whether you're in Arlington or a community in the surrounding area, such as Grapevine, Southlake or Las Colinas, you can trust our handyman service professionals to bring the experience and skill necessary to deliver high-quality maintenance and repair services. 

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