Game Day Party Ideas Football Bar Decorations

Mr. Handyman has a few ideas to make your Big Game party much more memorable. Get tips on creating a Football Field Table, Field Chalkboard Coffee Table, Football Themed Bar, Football Throw Game, and PVC Goal Posts in this video from Mr. Handyman.


Football Field Table

Sometimes the food is more exciting than the game, so you need a great place to put it. Who wants plastic tablecloths when you can have your very own field? Cut a piece of plywood to fit your table and attach green outdoor carpet to it. Add a few lines with white artist tape, stick on vinyl numbers and you have a field in your dining room or kitchen. If you're in a hurry, you can skip the plywood, but the field will be a little bumpier.

Step-by-Step Instructions to create a Football Field Buffet Table

Field Chalkboard Coffee Table

While you are watching the game, some of you might feel that you could do a better job calling the plays. Give your guests a place to show off what they have in mind by turning your coffee table into a field chalkboard! Cut a piece of plywood to fit your coffee table and paint it with chalkboard paint. Add lines and numbers and now you and your friends are ready to call your own plays.

Step-by-Step Instructions to create a Football Field Chalkboard

Football Themed Bar

With all the salty snacks and hollering, you are all bound to be thirsty. Here's where you can really do something fun - make a football themed bar! Get a nice piece of finished plywood and cut out a football shape using your jigsaw. Paint it with brown and white paint to create a football for the front of the bar. Use a black marker to add some dimension. Using the remaining plywood and 2 x 4s, create a box. Attach the football to the front, add some green outdoor carpet to the top and you are ready to wow your guests.

Step-by-Step Instructions to create a Football themed Bar

Football Throw Game

With the plywood left over from your coffee table chalkboard, you can make a football throw game. Cut a circle in the center of the board to toss the ball through. If your handwriting isn't the best, you can use vinyl stickers for the lettering.

Step-by-Step Instructions to create a Football Throw Game

PVC Goal Posts

If you still have a little extra time and want to go all out, you can make your own goal posts in less than 30 minutes and play a little football of your own before the game!

Step-by-Step Instructions to create Outdoor Football Goal Posts

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