Pot Racks, Kitchen Racks, Shelves & Kitchen Storage Solutions

You may dream of totally remodeling your kitchen and doubling its cabinet space, but you only have a budget for small changes. That's not a problem. You can expand your storage by adding a rack with shelf or kitchen cart.

Install a Pot Rack Over the Island

You aren't doing anything with the space above the kitchen island, so why not put it to good use? Hang a pot rack. This serves as one of the most popular places to install such a rack because the island creates a barrier of sorts that keeps heads from getting too close and bumping into the items hanging down.

Add a Rack Above the Sink

Above the sink proves another common place for a pot rack. The location makes it easy to grab a pot and fill it with water for boiling purposes. It also allows you to let the pots hang dry if you so choose. Simply wash, rinse, hang and don't worry about water dripping down as it dries, as it lands in the sink. You also won't bump your head with this placement because the sink itself keeps you at a safe distance.

Hang a Rack on the Wall

Racks also exist that sit flush with the wall and have hooks in front for hanging pots and space above to slide in lids. This turns a wall that might normally have held a lovely piece of art into an extension of your kitchen storage. Avoid putting such a rack in a pathway where it could get bumped by a passing shoulder.

Pot racks come in a variety of sizes and finishes, allowing you to choose one that suits the space and your kitchen. For example, you would not want a small rack over a large island for both aesthetic and functional purposes, as it would unbalance the room visually and make reaching pots in the center a chore. When choosing a finish, keep in mind the hardware in your kitchen and choose to match or complement. Stainless steel, wrought iron and brass are among the many options available. And don't limit what you place on the rack. Many come with space above for items such as pans and cooling trays, and hooks can hold everything from pots and utensils to herbs that need to dry.

Add a Kitchen Storage Cart

A cart also adds to your storage space without requiring construction. Simply roll it into place, lock the wheels and leave it there, or you can tuck it away in the pantry when not in use. These handy items get used for everything from baking projects to serving as a cocktail cart during get-togethers of family and friends. If you do decide to give a cart a permanent place in your kitchen, the space above it makes an excellent spot for a pot rack just like with an island.

These are just a few of the many ways you can expand the storage space in your kitchen without undergoing a costly remodel. Get more ideas, such as how to organize your cabinets and pantry, in this post on the Molly Maid website, Kitchen Storage and Pantry Organization: Storage Bin & Shelving Ideas.

And as with all home improvement projects, your professional handyman would be more than happy to take on the installment tasks. Hanging heavy items such as pot racks requires proper placement on the ceiling or wall to avoid having it all come crashing down because of a lack of support. You also will want to take any lights on the ceiling into consideration.

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